America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- June 18, 2018 – June 22, 2018 Remember 9/11


Have you heard/read anything about the children’s detainment centers? If not, get ready because they will be the next “outrage” the Left and its media get hysterical about.

Now over in Europe, Merkel’s coalition government is getting very shaky. She is facing a mounting loss of confidence in her leadership, and what this means for the EU is another question.

Why the OIG Report Should Scare the Hell Out of You

Harvard Comes to Youngstown

The Migrant Crisis and the Drug Cartel

Mueller has Strzok Out

Illegal Aliens Fatally Separate American Children from their Parents

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America-the-Right-Way-Staying-Vigilant June 16 , 2018 – June 17 , 2018 Remember-9-11- Weekend-Edition

Did you see the lib , Levi Tillemann, a Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 6th congressional district, pepper spray himself to make a point about gun control? Did he get his point across? Yes. The point is progressives are nuts.

Color Him Father

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America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- June 11, 2018 – June 15, 2018 Remember 9/11


As the Singapore Summit opens, Pres. Trump lowered expectations for the meeting, calling it a “first date”.

And as the G-7 conference ended in Quebec, the President indicated his strong disagreement with Canada’s Trudeau, calling the latter’s conference ending presser, harshly criticizing the President, “a stab in the back”.

Trump vs Trudeau. Hmmmmmm. I don’t think there’s much of a contest here. Trudeau made a poor call with that press conference.

Do Even Dems Believe What they’re Selling?

The Trump Doctrine

You Can’t Take ’em: Judge Blocks Gun Confiscation

Rosenstein’s Subpoena Threat

No, No. He’s Not . We’ll Stop It.


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America-the-Right-Way-Staying-Vigilant June 9 , 2018 – June 10 , 2018 Remember-9-11- Weekend-Edition

There are two big events this weekend.

The Belmont Stakes today and the Trump – Kim – Singapore summit trip tomorrow.

Prayers up for Charles Krauthammer.

Paul Ryan is Trying to Lose in November

Panic Time at Camp Mueller

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America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- June 4, 2018 – June 8, 2018 Remember 9/11


Washington is supposedly waiting  anxiously this week for the IG’s report on the Justice Dept.  It is noted that the DCM (Democrat Controlled Media) fears the R’s will “take advantage” of the report’s findings.  The phrasing tells you something right there.

And this is the week before the final race of this year’s premier racing events:  Will there be a Triple Crown winner?  Will Justify come thru?  It’s fun and diverting to think about this story.

The Dems Descend into Farce

Cakeshop Decision: A Win, But a Warning, too

Supreme Court: Kill Freedom Softly

Pro-Thought vs. Anti-Thought

IG Report Release Date


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America-the-Right-Way-Staying-Vigilant June 2 , 2018 – June 3, 2018 Remember-9-11- Weekend-Edition

Well, well, well. Joe Biden comes out of the woodwork. He is considering running for president in 2020. He accused President Trump of “fake nationalism” in a speech endorsing Gov. Cuomo. Hey, Joe. You are endorsing one of the biggest fakes around.

The World as it Wasn’t

The Tragic Mediocrity of the Beltway

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America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- May 28, 2018 – June 1, 2018 Remember 9/11


Pres. Trump says a U.S. team is in N. Korea to work on arrangements for the summit which now appears to be on again.

Memorial Day 2018…. please take a few minutes to recognize and honor those who in service to our great country paid the ultimate price. Perhaps you had such a relative or friend.  Memorial Day is much more than the start of summer.

America’s Sabbath of Honor

The 3 Stooges of Spygate

Trump Wows them in Nashville

Rs Poised to Gain Senate Seats in 2018

President Trump’ s September Surprise

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America-the-Right-Way-Staying-Vigilant May 26, 2018 – May 27, 2018 Remember-9-11- Weekend-Edition

It appears that the summit with North Korea is on again.

I know you won’t forget. We will be honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.

Trump Moves the Football Narrative

The President at Annapolis

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America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- May 21, 2018 – May 25, 2018 Remember 9/11


Today President Trump will officially order the DOJ to investigate the FBI’s efforts to derail the Trump 2016 campaign and subsequent efforts to thwart his Presidency.

in response, the DOJ has asked IG Horowitz to expand his investigation appropriately.

Of course, there is much, much more to learn about these developments, as we wait for the Dem controlled media to respond, plus the usual slimy Dems. It won’t take long.

The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

John Brennan’s Plot

Dirty Jobs, Good Pay: Reviving the Work Ethic in America

Human Baseball Umpires: A Tradition worth Preserving

Making International Relations Great Again

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America-the-Right-Way-Staying-Vigilant May 19, 2018 – May 20, 2018 Remember-9-11- Weekend-Edition

A quick start. Sorry. Another busy day at the Legion. We are helping with the Village Yard sale being held at the Legion. It starts at 8am. Then, at 10 the Legion’s chicken BBQ.

Journalists hatred for Trump is destroying them

Politicized Justice and Double Standards

Anatomy of a Smear: The “Animals” Comment

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