America the Right Way-Staying Vigilant-24 months left Jan.17-21,2011 Remember 9/11


Welcome to the new week’s thread. Let’s roll and grow!

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440 Responses to America the Right Way-Staying Vigilant-24 months left Jan.17-21,2011 Remember 9/11

  1. The Raven says:

    Surprisingly, I haven’t heard a peep from any of the Pubs on an economic plan. They can’t run on blaming Obama can they? And then came Huntsman—with a Reaganesque tax plan and trashing Obamacare + Dodd/Frank – way to go !!!!! Yes!!

    It seems the rest of the pack doesn’t get it.

  2. tillacum says:

    Good Morning All. It’s still a bit collish in central Texas.

  3. molly pitcher says:

    We may have the last laugh on the civility issue:

    MSNBC dumps Olbermann

    • queenie says:

      Good morning, Molly and ALL.

      There are many reports to read, but it looks like KO will be payed on his remaining two year contract to the tune of 14 mil. Hmmmmmm……..So, fire me.

    • molly pitcher says:

      HA! It’s worth it to get rid of him?? Personally I never watched him, but there were some in my family who did, but did, finding him horrible, but still…watched him!

  4. molly pitcher says:

    Ok, 2/3rds has been officially invited…

  5. molly pitcher says:

    Good morning to ALL…Up early due to a twirping (low battery) smoke detector…..

  6. The Raven says:

    Morning quote (hat tip to the WSJ)

    The moral code, the moral compass of the state-controlled media is something to behold. Now, some of you may not know the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner hosted a state dinner last night for Hu Jintao of China. Hu Jintao is holding the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner in prison in China. Not making it up. The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner hosted a dinner for the guy holding the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner in prison, and the media does not get the irony of this at all. They’re too busy running around chasing Sarah Palin and radio talk show hosts over “civility.”

    Rush Limbaugh on his radio show, Jan. 20, 2011.

    • molly pitcher says:

      That is excellent! Thanks for posting it, Raven, as I hadn’t heard it on Limbaugh’s show.

      The other night Levin was also talking about the strange concept of “civility” which apparently doesn’t seem to conflict with lies, lies, lies and distortions about such things as the economy, healthcare “reform”…

    • molly pitcher says:

      In this case I DO hope 0 gave the Chinese leader some stupid DVDs or 0 speeches…but in THIS case, I’m thinking 0 gave him some extravagant , extra special item.

  7. Jemian says:

    Well now, and apropo of nothing, hubby and I are dithering about whether to attend the celebration at Jordan (pronounce Jir-done, if you please)-Hare Stadium tomorrow. We boycotted Wal Mart when the trophy was displayed. We didn’t think that was a fitting venue. Further, the temp is only going to be 5o° and in a windy open stadium, that is gonna be cold! But it is the National Championship and after all the times we’be been denied (i.e. 2004) dadgummit we should celebrate long and hard.

    But then again, I’m tired of football for heaven’s sake. There is something else in my life than watching men run full speed against one another and knock each other to kingdom come. Yes, it’s entertaining, but good grief, they’re not that good looking. Well, some of them are.

    What to do? What to do?

    Did I mention it willl be cold?

    BTW, Mr Ryan will be delivering the Pubbie rebuttal and Michelle Bachman is delivering the Tea Party response via the internet. I will watch Michelle and read summaries of Ryan and ignore Caligula altogether.

    So there.

  8. tillacum says:

    What in the world is a gravatar?

    • Jemian says:

      A “gravatar” is known on other sites as an “avatar” and what I think of as “the picture that goes next to your name.” You can upload a picture from your computer and crop it to where you want. Do this in the “My account”, “Profile” section up at the top left of the page.

  9. tillacum says:

    Bit, the recipe idea is great. I have an oriental chicken soup recipe that is out of this world. It is vunderfool. (Roomey thinks).

  10. tillacum says:

    Nita, any time you get really SICK AND TIRED of the ice and can come here for some days…we have only coolish days, sun, wind, golf days etc.

  11. Nita says:

    So everytime some one posts here I get a notification in my email. Right now I (hope) have it filtered as spam because I can’t figure out how to turn that off.

  12. Jemian says:

    Just for the record, after trying the reply to comment below, I don’t like it.

    The larger problem is having to scroll around to make sure I didn’t miss a pithy comment on a discussion below the one now on top.

    Oy vay! I am a high maintenance poster.

  13. lysie says:

    Ack! Guess what color we are in.

  14. Jemian says:

    Does replying to a comment count as a separate comment? IOW, we have 392 comments so far. This one makes 393. If someone responds specifically to this post, will it go to 394, or remain at 393? These and other equally weighty questions have my thoughts tonight.

    That and some family challenges.

  15. Prairie says:

    Also, is it just me or do the posts take a bit of time to go thru? (Maybe I just need to reboot?)

  16. Prairie says:

    Well, hmmmm…… level one reply didn’t show up where I thought it would. I thought it would show up under lysie’s “Cool!” I know I did something wrong, I’ll keep trying.

    Honestly, I’m a bit dense with new web software sometimes. But I’ll eventually get it.

    • molly pitcher says:

      prairie, there wasn’t a Reply button underneath lysie’s “Cool” so you couldn’t have replied to her, but to Bit’s above…the one SHE was replying to. Is that what you thought you did?

      Find my comment with the KJV link below, and try to reply to that…

  17. Prairie says:

    Molly, the issue of being asked to put in a address….and creating your own blog….is what was confusing me too. After I just signed up as a user, it was pretty smooth sailing to find y’all and post.

    Thanks for the hard work you, Bit and lysie are doing for us.

  18. molly pitcher says:

    Found this interesting…impact of King James Bible….

    Also…we can discuss this important subject: can Kate (Middleton) keep her dress a secret??

    • Jemian says:

      They were able to keep Diana’s dress a secret. But it soon became obvious that Diana didn’t get to pick it. Yuck! All those frou-frou ruffles just were not right for her. I hope the Queen has learned from her failures and will butt out of Kate and William’s plans.

    • molly pitcher says:

      Yes, that dress was too fairy-princess-y…seems a long time ago doesn’t it??

    • Prairie says:

      Okay, so here’s the reply that’s supposed to show up under Molly’s KJB post. ( I still haven’t had time to try posting a link, BTW. Maybe over the weekend)

  19. lysie says:

    [OK, cranking up one more level of comments…]
    OK what are we looking for?

    Oh, now I see it. I like it much better.

    • lysie says:

      Yes, you do lysie. LOL

    • Jemian says:

      But, can others less computer savvy than you and Bit catch on the two methods of response?

      I think the trick is convincing them, whoever “they” are, to be patient with themselves and that it isn’t a problem when responding in one place or another. It may be easier to do it “this” way or “that” way, but we can figure out what is going on irregardless!

  20. Bitwhacker says:

    [OK, cranking up one more level of comments…]

  21. lysie says:

    I think because we are learning this site, we tend to be a little chatty. I’m sure after we get used to it we will be more newsworthy.

  22. Jemian says:

    Bit, I think you have hit on the method. I thought about that this AM but hadn’t pushed it through to a conclusion. Thanks.

    One more thing, I am concerned about our ability to attract new members. Are there any thoughts on publicity and screening?

  23. lysie says:

    I think he would appreciate all that. Thanks Bit.

  24. Jemian says:

    Molly I saw that beach theme. I don’t like it. It is a cartoony thing and not a real beach. I can live w/o that.

    As to this place, I like it better. At times, I have felt bad about using all the bandwidth just to chit-chat and not necessarily discuss news. I also felt fear that if I expressed, however politely, a viewpoint contrary to the views of another, I would be summarily banned. We lost several members of our group because they were in conflict with the web site. I understand that. But I also considered those folks friends and I have grieved the loss of friendships.

    I’m finding this web site a bit quirky but things are always awkward as you’re learning the steps of a dance. It will straighten out soon.

    Today I’ve been doing a little work for us. I’m thinking of adding advertising to my website. If it would generate some click-through revenue, it might get us back to Papua a little faster.

    • Bitwhacker says:

      Well, since we are bringing it up 😉 , I mightily resent someone telling me that the mere mention of a candidate (his initials were Rudy Giuliani) was grounds for banishment. And now it is gravitating towards a zotting because you don’t agree on every single issue. That’s not debate or even a ‘forum’ — it’s a house organ. So if we could get at least some of the friends back that were lost over the last few months, then I think we have accomplished something already.

    • molly pitcher says:

      Good luck with the advertising venture, Jemian….heard a small businessman talk this week (last week?), and he said he’s trying to work all the angles…both revenue, cost-cutting..long hours committed to this the past months alone.

  25. Bitwhacker says:

    Well, I’ll volunteer to create his gravatar and reply to the e-mail invite, you just need to send me his e-mail and password (and Lysie needs to send me a good pic o a bowl of grits or a rooster to use as his gravatar 😉 )…

  26. molly pitcher says:

    1 level…go ahead…fine with me…

  27. molly pitcher says:

    Dang, Bit, I’m not sure I could do #1 & #2 if I got him to give them to me…which he probably could/would…I bet lysie could do that, tho.

    The other factor was just getting comfortable, and settled here before contacting him…

    I’ll go ahead and sound him out, and get the ball rolling, and we’ll just see how it goes, ok?

    Love the tugboat image! Toooot! Toooot!

  28. Bitwhacker says:

    (I just replaced the keyboard on my HP laptop and, man, was that a tedious job! I would hate to work at Geek Squad! 😉 )

  29. Bitwhacker says:

    Housekeeping notes: Rav was right, I don’t miss Rate This. Also, how about if we turn on just one level of commenting? That way, comments about a certain recipe, would appear right below the recipe? Waddaya say, try it?

  30. Bitwhacker says:

    Oh, now I see what you meant about Toby…he’ll need special help…well, how about:

    1. Ask Toby if he wouldn’t mind giving youse guys his e-mail logon and password (I am sure he will do it — and he can change it later);
    2. One of youse can logon ‘as’ Toby and respond to the e-mail invite, then
    3. Create a WP account for him, creating a Gravatar, too, then
    4. Send back the info on how to log onto this thread (tell him what the WP user ID and password are, and the URL to the site).
    5. You’ll have to tug boat him into dock to the right thread, but I think he’ll figure it out (he found the original ATRW just fine) 😉

    Whatcha think?

  31. lysie says:

    We’ll do everything we can to help our friend Toby. At first this place seems a bit strange, but after some time I find it quite likeable.

  32. molly pitcher says:

    HiNita, lysieFor me, lysie, the thing with Toby, is HOW to do it…I’ll go ahead and send him a note, but after that he’ll probably need help.. We can help at this end…and he should be able to get help at the other end right?

  33. lysie says:

    Is is baseball time yet?
    It can’t come soon enough.

  34. Nita says:

    Yes, they say it will be -10-15 degrees tomorrow. That is why I went out today to stock up so I don’t have to go out in the cold for the rest of the weekend.

    Can’t wait to get the furnace fixed because this is taxing my resouces severely this winter. Another potentially “Huge” storm headed our way tues into wed.
    One good thing is that Carlos made arrangements to have the driveway plowed so I can park in the driveway and don’t have problems getting out.
    Is is baseball time yet 😉

  35. lysie says:

    Afternoon, Nita. Will you be getting the **** and frigid temps this weekend? I’ll be checking your soup recipe. Thanks.

  36. Nita says:

    Hi again everyone.

    trying to get used to here but I like it…I LIKE IT.

    So I shoveled, de-iced and then went to WallyMart.

    Making Tuscan soup which I posted the recipe for on the recipe thread.

    Thinking I might nap before the wild man gets home. he keeps me on my toes these days.

    He’ll have pent up energy because he only had 2 days of school this week.

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