America the Right Way-Staying Vigilant-23 months left Feb. 7-11,2011-Remember 9/11

Good evening!

Was the Super Bowl an effective diversion from the week’s weather, political tussles and Egyptian Eruptions?

Stand by and stay tuned as conservatives continue the fight against the 0 administration and the MSM.

And oh! Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan. It’s been a great weekend of memories…but not just memories, for he continues to inspire us as we look to the future with our longing for a truly free republic.

Friday’s Links

From Freedom Agenda to Freedom doctrine Krauthammer

It’s a matter of Superior Force

Cairo Ironies Victor Davis Hanson

Remembering Peter Yates, Director of Bullitt and Breaking Away Am. Spec.

Declaring a sense of Independence Am. Spectator

Amateur Hour at the WH Frontpage Mag.

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230 Responses to America the Right Way-Staying Vigilant-23 months left Feb. 7-11,2011-Remember 9/11

  1. The Raven says:

    OK…now that Egypt has calmed down…its time to get back to the task at hand…..removing the Marxist

  2. queenie says:

    ************************HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!***************************

  3. Prairie says:

    Good night everybody.

  4. Prairie says:

    Rush Limbaugh was talking about this. Not a good precedent at all.

    Out Of State Owners Could Face Tax Bill

    • edinva says:

      I don’t see how this ruling by a tax court would stand up in a regular civil court. It’s really outrageous

      Tho, the fallout could be amazing. It will increase value of resort properties in NJ, on the Cape, and elsewhere as folks ditch their LI properties and/or pied a terre. Folks with the $$$ to afford a 2nd home in the Hamptons or a NYC apartment will figure out how not to get taxed by NYS. It will create a whole new cottage industry for tax lawyers.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Thanks! I’d missed that!

  5. Prairie says:

    One cannot help but be concerned about what the situation in Egypt will turn into. Guests on Hannity right now trying to put the best face on it. They say what’s needed to fight radical fundamentalism is economic opportunity. Suddenly, I’m feeling a threat to my pocketbook….

    Certainly Americans want real democracy for everybody. I’m concerned the islamist plan is to drain us dry by demanding more and more funding for ME countries under the guise of democracy development and at the same time fomenting cascading islamic unrest in more and more places.

    Is anybody familiar with David P Goldman? Is he credible?

    Chinese weather on Tahrir Square

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Yes, Goldman is credible. He’s an editor of the Commentary blog, I’m thinking… “Otto Spengler” he was blogging often too & widely read, then the past year or so revealed his identity.

      The original spengler was an historian & observer of world affairs.

  6. Two Thirds says:

    Nita, he knows no humility. I once read somewhere that a great leader must posses humility as a key attribute or be a failure. I am praying his lack of humility will be his undoing.

  7. Two Thirds says:

    Hi Molly. We lose another one and he wins another one. :((

  8. Prairie says:

    Atlas Shrugged Movie Trailer

    Can they really pull this off? Looks to be Part One.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Does Hollywood have a good track record with turning books into movies?? And this book…not holding my breath. Glad you posted the link as I hadn’t seen it.

    • Bitwhacker says:

      Well, they dropped the ball with Bonfire of the Vanities, one of my all-time favorite books. The Fountainhead with Gary Cooper was OK, but I think that book would be hard to make into a film.

  9. Bitwhacker says:

    OK, everybody, calm down! 😉

    Molly, one of the costs of ‘free’ internet is that they insist on ads and trying to ‘mix things up’ — by creating links that ‘you might be interested in.’ There is no way to turn it off (without paying some big $$$), so just ignore the stuff that says it’s ‘auto generated.’

    I think we can adjust the spell checker thing. It shouldn’t be changing text, just highlighting badly formed and misspelled stuff…let me see why it changed ‘parrr dee’…

  10. The Raven says:

    parrrrr. Seeders. Time. ….. I’m almost home

  11. Nita says:

    Is it just me or does this nose up in the air, eogotistical empty suit EVER show any bit of emotion or empathy in voice in these canned “statements”?

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