America the Right Way-Staying Vigilant-23 months left Feb.28-March 4,2011 -Remember 9/11

Welcome to this week’s thread.

As of tomorrow, we will sweep another month of Obama away. It will be less than two years to go. It seems like an eternity.

Contrary to what my mother taught me, it looks like throwing yourself to the ground and holding you breath does work after all. The protestors were allowed to stay overnight in the Wisconsin Capitol. Bad move in my opinion. I’ve learned that if you give these kinds of people an inch they will take a mile.

Gas prices continue to rise. In our area it’s in $3.50 area. What do you pay?

Friday’s Links

Meet My People Michelle Malkin

The Only Way out for the Economy Am. Thinker

Judge Vinson fails to apply the 2×4 Am. spec.

Vinson’s ruling PJM

German shooter had Islamist terror connections WSJ but 0 says Never mind….

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132 Responses to America the Right Way-Staying Vigilant-23 months left Feb.28-March 4,2011 -Remember 9/11

  1. Molly Pitcher says:

    Good morning, ALL, Raven, lysie, Nita, queenie, Jemian, ED, Bit,till, prairie, little bears, 2/3rds, MozartLover, Dolly

    Need to drive thru the valley this a.m., and will be looking at the level of the river’s rising waters….

    • dollycali says:

      If you get as far north as Peninsula you may find many road blocks heading north. I was there a few times this week before the rains & several areas were closed. Not sure of the Merriman valley area or around the boardwalk but i think that is a low area with the beaver marshes.

  2. The Raven says:

    Ah yes—jobs!! Mark Levin opened the show last night with a parody – playing “Happy Days are Here Again”

    We will get the engine up and running when 1)The future is defined and it isn’t socialism ie -the govenrment is not expanding 2) spending is not out of control, 3) Debt is manageable 4) Dems are out of power 5) Obamacare is killed 6) Keynesian economics advisors are drawn and quartered.

    The class of 2010 ‘Pubs are making a dent in #1, 3, 4 5

    • The Raven says:

      I forgot to add 7) EPA is tamped down without global warming initiatives

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      That’s a good list, Raven…and that was my next question: are the Rs making headway?

      I’m listening to the Levin replay now…the labor force is the smallest it’s been in a long time….Raise the volume on the Happy Days music…structural employment is here! YAY!!

  3. Nita says:

    Good evening everyone.
    I am watching….


  4. edinva says:

    Good evening, everyone

    I’ve been AWOL past few days. Too many demands on my time to do much fun stuff, like follow ATRW.

    Delighted about Judge Vinson’s decision. We’ll see what DOJ does in a week. As I understand it, if the Administration does not move for an expedited appeal, his 7-day stay will end automatically, and the 26 (or is it now 27) states are freed NOT to implement any aspect of Obamacare. Am also hoping that at its Conference today the SCOTUS chose to grant certiorari to Hollister, and will settle once and for all the Framers’ intent in requiring POTUS to be a ‘natural born’ citizen.

    Looking forward to a quiet, restful weekend. May each of yours be as you wish it to be.

  5. tillacum says:

    I haven’t a clue of today’s goings on. I’ve been in my “gardens” since early morn. It was a bit chilly, but digging, bending and swinging the shovel soon made it feel warm.
    We found some strawberries at Sam’s the other day. They were huge and red. We’ve had them for dessert for 3 evenings and this a.m. the last for breakfast. They have been beautiful to look at and sweet to taste. This a.m. they were dark red, as I left them out, and OHHH were they every tasty and sweet. I’ll have to do that again. Roomey loved them.

    How is everyone surviving the goings on in WI and DC? Think I’ll go back outside.

    OH, lysie, how are the asparagus growing? I’m making an asparagus salad this evening. I bought some and they are beautiful, in their package.

  6. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  7. Molly Pitcher says:

    Good morning ALL,Raven, lysie, Jemian, prairie,Bit, till, M Kehoe, ED, MKH, Nita, little bears,

    There should be some articles/commentary this a.m. on the FL judge’s actions yesterday.

    • Jemian says:

      Good morning! Thank you for your links and commentary.

    • lysie says:

      So far,we have had no luck finding a truck. There was a great deal on one that I saw one week ago. When I called it was sold.

      Last night at SU, Michele Malkin spoke about intolerance of the left. There was a small crowd of about 200 with a few libs asking the usual “no clue” questions about global warming . I saw no demonstrations , but I heard shouts from outside.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Thanks for the Malkin report, lysie…and you’re glad you went?

  8. Prairie says:

    Good afternoon everybody, our band-mates have arrived for the festival, we did a little jamming, although thing won’t get started officially until tomorrow.

    I was wondering how people here felt about the SCOTUS decison for the Westboro family church? As much as I hate their actions, I believe I would’ve hated a silencing action by the SCOTUS worse. The states can and are implementing restrictions on protests at funerals, which should neuter the Westboro moonbats effectiveness.

    What say all of you?

    • tillacum says:

      I’ll not say, here,(@#$%^&*!!!) what I think, but, we do have freedom of speech and freedom to do as we wish, so long as what we’re doing does not harm to those around us.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      What that group does is despicable, but I tend to agree with the SCOTUS decision. It’s for the local communities to implement restrictions as they do in other cases of demonstrations and so on.

    • Jemian says:

      I agree with you, Prairie.

    • The Raven says:

      I didn’t see it as free speech —to me it was harrassment. If we all now throw a party at nearby liberal funerals — a celebration of one less lib, this decsion would soon be reversed.

      We have adolescent speech, insane speech, and the lies of the left. Some say we dare not draw a line between these, but I think I could find safe distance between the insane and Nancy Pelosi

  9. lysie says:

    Newt needs to put a sock in it.

    • tillacum says:

      I agree, not only a sock but the whole baggage he carries, with his mouth, it will fit.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Hear that steady drone in the background?? That’s the Goodyear blimp flying overhead…

      How’d the truck shopping go?

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Afternoon, till

      Wanted to tell you about a friend of mine who part owns a number of alpacas, and helps look after them. She told me the other day that the NZ shearer will soon be arriving for the season. a sure sign of spring!…This man comes every year and goes around the country doing his business with the alpacas. This year he’ll have at least one apprentice with him.

  10. Molly Pitcher says:

    Just heard an interview with Charlie Sykes, a Milwaukee talk show host, reporting from Madison.

    He said the situation there is Rules for Radicals implemented…government has come to a standstill. What’s likely to happen next is a district by district recall effort in a bid to overturn last Fall’s election.

  11. Molly Pitcher says:

    I just heard the new RNC ad tying 0 to the Union bosses. It’s very good…have to get to early appt. and then errands …

    Here’s the ad

    0’s union bosses

  12. Molly Pitcher says:

    Good morning All, Jemian, lysie;prairie, queenie;Bit, Raven, Nita, not take it anymore, little bears, Toby,ED, MozartLover; 2/3rds, kassie, CONSERVE

  13. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  14. Jemian says:

    Good morning! We’re away from home again. We’ll return on Monday.

  15. Prairie says:

    We arrived at our destination for the music festival, but I’m too tired to post. Will try to get back tomorrow..

    Good night all.

  16. mustknowhistory says:

    “Civility” on display here:

    Where is our president? Shouldn’t he be telling these people to back off?

  17. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  18. Molly Pitcher says:

    lysie Thank you for starting the thread, Monday

    • lysie says:

      You are welcome, Molly. Good to have you back.

    • lysie says:

      We were able to obtain tickets to hear Michelle Malkin speak tomorrow at SU. Sarah and John are going, too. πŸ™‚

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Cool! I hope the audience is receptive, and there aren’t hecklers to interfere with her speech. Can’t wait to hear your report!

    • queenie says:

      Nice that you got those tickets. Sure hope there aren’t any hecklers. I, too, look forward to your report, lysie.
      I have a cousin, and her husband, who are SU grads………Retired Social Workers………Groannnnn…………….If I lived close to them, our relationship might not be so loving and cordial.

  19. Molly Pitcher says:

    Raven, Even the Dem donkeys wish you “Happy Birthday” today…

  20. queenie says:

    To: The Raven,
    ***************************HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!***************************

  21. Molly Pitcher says:

    Hi everyone

    Back to the news for me after a short, welcome break. Gov. Walker is fascinating, is he not? Loved his response yesterday to 0’s stupid comments…

    Is Walker the next Coolidge? Am. Spectator

  22. The Raven says:

    Well…..the House will get their own attorney to defend DOMA according to Boehner. It was an idea by Santorum and given an endorsement last night from “The Great One” (MLevin)

  23. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  24. Jemian says:

    Good morning! My first doctor’s appointment is March 29.

  25. Prairie says:

    Good night all.

  26. Prairie says:

    (Wisconsin Democrat Rep.) GORDON HINTZ: “YOU ARE F’N DEAD!”

    The Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor?? BWAAHAHAAA!! Sheesh, you can’t make this stuff up.

    And so much for the new civility in democrat politics…!

  27. Nita says:

    I’ve decided I am going to move out of the house in 3 or so months then relinquish my duties as co-executor of Mom’s estate. The people that I am related to are unreasonable and I don’t really have the emotional energy fight this battle.

    For 23 years they all insisted it wasn’t about the money. For 23 years I did all that had to be done. Now 6 months later, they are having fits because the estate isn’t settled, nor anywhere near being settled.
    It’s always about the money; who are they trying to kid?

    • The Raven says:

      >>For 23 years I did all that had to be done.

      That’s for sure

      ……tell them to pound sand !!!!

    • lysie says:

      I’m so, so sorry you are going through this.

      You should bill them for taking care of mom. That would be about $2,000 or more a month. That might shut them up.


    • Jemian says:


      I am so sorry. I pray that you get this resolved in your favor SOON!

    • jaclin308 says:

      I’m with lysie. Bill them for all those years you did ALL of the care of your mother and let them squirm.

      It’s always about the money!

    • edinva says:

      Nita, sorry you’re going through this. Family squabbles about estates can be the worst, so you are smart to remove yourself from the responsibility. It’s a mega time consumer, too. If it’s really bad, maybe the estate can just hire an independent executor or administrator. There are lots of lawyers who specialize in trusts and estates, and banks have estate departments, too.

      Even with a professional, and the cleanest, most uncontestable will and/or trusts, the least time they can expect to see the estate settled in is a good year. Probate has to be filed with the court, bonds obtained, death notices published allowing time for any creditors to make claims, appraisals of property made taxes and all bills of the deceased paid, accounting(s) filed with and approved by the courts, before any distribution checks can be cut.

      And, IIRC, in NYS (where I think you live) banks have an odd policy of holding estate checks for six (6) months before making the funds available to the account(s) where the distribution checks have been deposited. I don’t know if that is still in effect, but it was @ 10-15 years ago.

      Let others deal with it!

    • tillacum says:

      You’re right, it’s always about the money. Roomey went through the same thing when his Mom passed. Tell them to stick it in their ear..and how much did they help you during those 23 years.

  28. jaclin308 says:

    Molly, we are paying $3.29 – $3.55 right now. The price depends on the gas station you choose. Some stations raised their price $.28 over night.

    Glenn Beck was talking about the mess in Wisconsin this morning – letting the “homeless” stay last night – and he said that the police were now on the side of the unions and were not clearing the people out this morning. They are not to bring any equipment, backpacks, etc. into the building and the police are letting them in.
    That’s hearsay, because I picked it up on the radio, but I don’t doubt it!

  29. denco45 says:

    Just a quick check in with everyone. We have had terrible wind (50-60 mile an hour sustained.) Lots of wildfires here in NM and Texas panhandle. Our heifers are calving 3 or 4 a day and we are very busy getting them branded, vacinated and taken to their new homes. We have to wait until their babies are old enough to transport them and keep them together in the corral until the shock of all that wears off. Keep them on hay and water usually a couple of days and then they hit the real world!!!ha I am having a hard time watching the news right now and when I do can only stand just a few minutes of it. Pray everyday for our country because we are in trouble. Will check in later am on my way to the accountants. UGH

  30. Prairie says:

    Good morning everybody. We are on the first leg of our trip, staying in a Great hotel that was originally a bank. Wonderful place, we have marble on the hallways, a huge lobby which was the original bank lobby.

    There are two large metal castings on the wall of the lobby each one probably 50-60 feet tall. The image of a human is carved in each and one says “Trust Binds the Nation Together” and the other says “Thrift Drives the Nation Tomorrow”.

    How far we’ve fallen from those sentiments..

  31. Not gonna take it anymore says:

    We are paying $3.45 to $3.65 per gallon.

    I’m in northern CA.

  32. lysie says:

    You are welcome.

    It’s a fine example that they are teaching the children. /s

    Sometimes I want to stay in bed and cover my head, but I won’t. I wasn’t raised that way.

  33. Jemian says:

    Good morning!

    Very busy week last week. Arrived home last night. Three loads of laundry. Today is a rest, recover and prep day. Tomorrow we travel again.

    I’m not looking at gas prices. It only upsets me.

  34. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

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