America the Right Way-Staying Vigilant-21 months left Apr 30-May 1, 2011 Weekend Edition-Remember 9/11

Good morning! Welcome to the weekend!

Thinking calm thoughts and saying fervent prayers for all the storm victims & our country.

Weekend Links

Trump and the Hunt for Red Obama Am. Thinker

0 Approval in Free fall Wash Times

0’s lax dollar is to blame for oil’s spike UK Telegraph

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36 Responses to America the Right Way-Staying Vigilant-21 months left Apr 30-May 1, 2011 Weekend Edition-Remember 9/11

  1. The Raven says:

    Welcome back MP—–we left you a backlog of work here –Hah!!

    I wonder (after the Boston Herald incident) if O is afraid of losing MA to Mitt — I suppose Mitt has the ability to take a few blue states.

  2. Prairie says:

    Good night all.

  3. Prairie says:

    Update: More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

    Good evening everybody. Hot and very windy here today, dry and stirring up the dirt. I’ve had to use my inhaler regularly today, even sitting in the house.

  4. bevlarz says:

    Thank you for your prayers for Susie. She is holding her on with the radiation treatments. She still has double vision but is wearing a patch to the delight of her granddaughters who think she looks like a lady pirate.Just curious about who our party will support for President in 2012. I see that Newt Gingrich is hinting he will run. sigh……. We SO need a bright star with a business back ground!

    • lysie says:

      Good to see you, Bev.

    • The Raven says:

      I think we need a new face. None of the current batch is polling well. Against Obama nonetheless.

      We had an incident this weekend. My in-law has a landscaping business. He had to fire a guy on Friday (the guy was a druggie and showing up late every day).

      But when my in-law got back from work….his two dogs were gone. Since he gave this guy his last check at his house he had motive, means, and opportunity. They called the cops and went over to this guys house but he wasn’t home. There was no way of breaching the dogs fenced other than someone letting them out. Nobody wants to think what he did with them.
      I wish there was a way we could examine his truck for dog hairs

    • mustknowhistory says:

      I am so sorry. This sounds really creepy.

    • lysie says:

      I’m sorry. I pray the dogs are found. If the low-life druggie had anything to do with their loss, I hope he’s charged with theft and whatever other charges are associated with the crime.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Oh my….I hope there’s a good outcome, and the dogs are found safe.

      Good riddance to that mean character.

  5. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  6. Prairie says:

    Dinner a success, dishes done, watching some TV before bed.

    Good night everybody. Sleep well.

  7. lysie says:

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Wow! A day without rain and a lot accomplished outside. Early this morning we went to the dump to get rid of a load of things that accumulated over the years.

    After that, we went to a place that offered a large trailer load of mulch for $10.00. We should have enough for our flower beds, but if not we can always go back for more.

    On the way home we saw 5 white stackable patio chairs that someone neatly stacked , tied and put to the curb. Guess what? The sign on the chairs said FREE! Yay! Someone looked out one of the windows of the house. I waved, gave a big smile and said thank you. They are very nice high back chairs in excellent condition. I bet they were over $30.00 each new.

    We came home for lunch, then went back out again. Tractor Supply had a good deal ,for today only, on pine shavings for the chicken coop and horse stalls…about $1.50 per bag less than we usually pay.

    We headed home…stopped at the mailbox at the end of our driveway and…..there was a unexpected check in the mail.

    I may play the lottery today. Ha!

  8. Prairie says:

    Afternoon, everybody. We’re having guests over for dinner, baked grouper, Greek salad and roasted potatoes. So I’ve been prepping, but taking my time at it.

    Draft Rubio, eh? Maybe…

  9. tillacum says:

    Thank you Molly. Those fires were as bad for Texas cattle country as any devastating tornado, hurricane can do to an area. I think most of the farmers and ranchers are not going to leave their land, they will rebuild. Afterall their great- grandfathers settled the land, their fathers upgraded as they could, these farmers upgraded even further and they will be hornswaggeled if a fire is going to make them move. They are made of strong stuff and good blood lines. Personally, I think an arsonist-terrorist started them.

  10. lysie says:

    Good morning, Molly. Thanks for the start.

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