America the Right Way (The Weekend Edition)-Staying Vigilant-19 months left July 16 and 17, 2011 -Remember 9/11

We have company so this will be a quick weekend start.

The debt ceiling debate continues.

Rupert Murdock apologizes for the telephone hacking in the UK. *sniff* *sniff* I think I smell George Soros.

Weekend Links

Today we will contemplate The One with 2 items:

The Chosen One Claremont Review of Books

The Opacity of Hope PJM’s Richard Fernandez

St. 0bama & the Debt Dragon Victor Davis Hanson

President demands massive job killing tax increases and dares Rs to call his bluff Am. Thinker

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23 Responses to America the Right Way (The Weekend Edition)-Staying Vigilant-19 months left July 16 and 17, 2011 -Remember 9/11

  1. The Raven says:

    The women were up 2-1 with about 6 min to go and the announcer said Zero called and wished them luck. I guess that did it

  2. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  3. The Raven says:

    Morning quote from the WSJ:

    Former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, a top supporter and adviser of Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney, strenuously backed the core piece of President Barack Obama’s health-care law and urged the states to move forward together in adopting health insurance exchanges.

    No fair…2 against one. If we want to vote for the big zero we can.

    Looks like this will be a problem with Romney. If there is no difference between the two, the voters will keep the incumbent

    • The Raven says:

      Another from Reuters..

      “The mistake I made early on is, I looked at it almost like the head of a small business: identify a problem, identify a solution and go out and do it … I don’t think we built enough of a political case, so we let … the national organizations come in and define the debate while we were busy just getting the job done,”
      -Wisc. Gov. Walker

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Interesting Walker quote….he wasn’t a newcomer to politics or attacks from the Left, tho, so it’s hard to understand how/why he got caught off guard.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Romney would be Zero version 2.0?? Not good at all….

  4. edinva says:

    Good morning, all (well, just after midnight IS morning!)

    Am heading off in the morning for visits to the NY/NJ/CT area, several stops over 12 days. Friends from high school, college, and my own sainted daughter and son-in-law. Should be fun, but my access to the internet will be minimal, so I pray you are all well and have a wonderful 2 weeks ahead.

  5. lysie says:

    Bit, Rav, all
    What a great time to live in Central New York. The Syracuse Nationals is this weekend. Many restored cars and truck are on the road.

    1960 T-Bird with “Sultana” turquois paint

    1940 Oldsmobile convertible

    More cars here.

  6. Molly Pitcher says:

    Everyone…I get mailings from the Ethics and Public Policy Center…Stanley Kurtz is a fellow there, for one, and until recently Rick Santorum.

    They also run this journal:New Atlantis on science, technology and public policy

    • lysie says:

      I bookmarked that site, Molly. Thank you.

      Greg didn’t take the boat. They may have fished from the shore.

      How about that for timing. They just returned home.

  7. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Good morning! Thanks lysie

      Add “getting a new dehumidifier for the basement” to our List…Thank goodness it died while we were here to replace it.

    • lysie says:

      Good morning, Molly. Ack! Sorry to hear about you dehumidfier.

      Greg’s brother came in last night from N.J. to attend a graduation party. Greg and he were hoping to go fishing, but Greg needs to work on the outboard motor a little longer. It runs, but sputters. He has put carb cleaner in the gas lines. Fingers crossed.

    • Jemian says:

      Bummer on the fishing trip. But this will give them “bonding time” as they work on the engine together. The repair and upkeep is part of the fun. Yeah, that’s it!

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Hi Jemian..hope the wedding plans are coming together more and more.

      prairie meant to post last week about your crop news: wonderful! Agriculture is so “iffy”.

      We use the dehumidifier to not only keep the basement dry, but collect the water from it for the garden. My husband will be able to buy a new one this afternoon, and I think it’ll be Home Depot, too, which I’m trying to remember to visit more often for my own needs. think rieI’m

    • lysie says:

      Good news. Greg and his brother are invited to their cousin’s camp to fish. Yay!
      I’m staying home to return loads of soda cans and bottles. Sheesh! I bet I drink soda three time a month. Oh well. I get to keep the money. LOL


    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Wait! Did they get the engine work done before heading off??!!:-)

      I’m rolling thru some emails to respond to while watering and fertilizing…that’s about all the multi tasking I can handle these days…

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