America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant-4 months left October 15–October 19, 2012 Remember 9/11


Is it true the administration is in Panic Mode?

Will the Real Obama show up Tuesday night? (HA!)

Can Candy Crowley conduct a fair and balanced debate??

Friday’s Links

Roasts at the Al Smith Dinner Romney got in som zingers….payback for months of personal attacks?

Rove explains Romney’s numbers

How to win the final debate Am. spectator

0’s “Optimal” comments UK Daily Mail

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77 Responses to America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant-4 months left October 15–October 19, 2012 Remember 9/11

  1. Molly Pitcher says:

    Benghazi Timeline Still begging the question…why the shift in stories?

  2. lysie says:

    Thanks, ed.

    While we in the “city” (Syracuse) we saw a few Romney/Ryan signs while in the ‘burbs the signs were plentiful. BTW, there were NO O signs. Hahaha!!

    • edinva says:

      Well, lysie, Syracuse and “upstate” have never been the NY political problem, have they? Argh. Oh,I saw the cutest graphic the other day (NY oriented) .. gotta figure out how to attach/post here..

  3. Prairie says:

    Lysie, I couldn’t agree more. The jokes sounded exactly like Dennis Miller.

  4. edinva says:

    g’day, lysie. I do hope Greg’s tests turn out well for him and you.

    I voted yesterday!!!! Oh, how good did that feel ?!?!?!?! I’m going to do a mini lit drop in the ‘hood for Romney/ George Allen for Senate and Patrick Murray for Congress. Romney and Allen appear to be in fairly good shape. The Congressional race is pretty hopeless. We are stuck with Jim Moron.

  5. Molly Pitcher says:

    Oh criminy….Dinesh D’Souza has been caught up in an extra marital affair scandal

  6. Molly Pitcher says:

    Yes….Miller….probably so…

  7. Molly Pitcher says:

    Whoopi had Ann Romney on the View..

    First of all Whoopi referred to our fallen soldiers in an insensitive way…this was the intro to her asking Ann Romney how she could be First Lady if her sons weren’t allowed by their faith to serve in the military.

    Romney, gently, but feelingly, told Whoopi she was being stupid.

    7th Day Adventists..they aren’t allowed to serve according to their faith..not Mormons.

  8. lysie says:

    Speaking of Whoopi, once again I’m reminded that lib have no sense of humor unless they tell jokes that are potty-mouthed and vulgar. Sick, sick humor.

    We watched Romney’s comedy routine. Hilarious. Great timing and good delivery.

    Since Dennis Miller is traveling with Romney, I wonder if he was part of that routine. The jokes were very Miller-ish.

  9. Molly Pitcher says:

    Whoopi Goldberg must be crazy?!

  10. Prairie says:

    Romney For President Announces Military Advisory Council

    “I’m proud to be supporting Mitt Romney in this critical election about our nation’s future,” said General Tommy Franks, USA (Ret.), Past Commander, U.S. Central Command. “Governor Romney is committed to restoring America’s leadership role in the world. Instead of playing politics with our military, he will strengthen our defense posture by reversing the President’s devastating defense cuts. The fact of the matter is that we cannot afford another four years of feckless foreign policy. We need level-headed leadership which will protect our interests and defend our values with clarity and without apology.”

    “I consider the unprecedented national debt amongst the five greatest threats to the security of our great nation,” said General James Conway, USMC (Ret.), Past Commandant of the Marine Corps. “And yet, I see no indication the current administration, if re-elected, is intent on changing that trajectory. Clearly Defense should bear a portion of the burden in order to regain control of our debt, but the idea of massive military cuts — at a time of increased global instability—should not even be in the cards. As I listen to Mitt Romney, I am convinced that he ‘gets it’.”

  11. lysie says:

    Dick Morris thinks Romney won the debate and will win the election. Either way, I like both Rove’s and Morris’s end results.

    Second Debate Sets Up Romney Win -Romney Won The Second Debate

    Obama came over as boorish and Biden-esque.He did not learn from his Vice President’s mistakes. When a president gets into a bar room brawl, he loses his dignity and his aura, key assets for an incumbent. Romney was polite but firm. Obama seemed quarrelsome, frustrated, nasty, and cranky.

    But the key reason for the Romney win was substantive:

    1. Romney made very clear the case against Obama’s economic record and Obama’s rebuttal about 5 million jobs was pathetic.

    2. Romney injected the China issue, big time, and tapped into a strong public sentiment on the issue.

    3. Romney made the effective case that Obama is anti-oil, coal, and gas and that this has doubled gas prices.

    4. Romney was very effective in differentiating himself from Bush-43 and in establishing that, unlike the GOP of the past, he was for small businesses not big businesses

    5. Romney rebutted the attacks on him over Chinese investments.

    6. Romney explained his tax plan well and to everyone’s satisfaction.

    7. Obama erred in trying to make us believe that he always felt Libya was a terror attack. We all heard him blame the movie.

    Obama scored points over the 47% statement by Romney, immigration, and by his response to the accusation that he went to Vegas after the murder of the Ambassador.

    But this debate goes to Romney. It seals his momentum and will lead to a big win.

  12. Molly Pitcher says:

    Did the Yankees/ Tigers get to play that game last night?

  13. The Raven says:

    OK…time for a shoutout to the Yankees….Lysie, Neets….Yo !!! Sig ’em !!!

  14. Molly Pitcher says:

    Thanks lysie…that presidential debate commission…AY YI YI!

    Chris Wallace would be better than Crowley….and Bob Schieffer?? Give me a break…gently – he’s old – lead him off the stage.

  15. Molly Pitcher says:

    Apparently Romney is taking the day off, then he’s preparing for foreign policy…he still has some work to do there, but he’ll come around

  16. The Raven says:

    Morning quote:

    “…Obama’s agenda is a secret agenda; his campaigns are devised to snow the public into empowering a retinue that has its own ideological goals that it hesitates to advertise openly.
    ..Romney ..missed a chance to crystallize the case for his election. It’s not just that Mr. Obama hasn’t created enough jobs, so let’s try somebody new. The case should be: The country is on a path to extraordinary fiscal disaster, and it will take an extraordinary exercise of political leadership to get to a new path. Mr. Obama has not shown the leadership to fix, or even appreciated the challenge created by, his mounting, unsustainable deficits. – HOLMAN W. JENKINS, JR.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Yes, that’s why he doesn’t want to outline his next 4 years! Why do so few conservatives point this out? We still have our heads in the sand….too many of us…

  17. The Raven says:

    path to extraordinary fiscal disaster, and it will take an extraordinary exercise of political leadership to get to a new path. Mr. Obama has not shown the leadership to fix, or even appreciated the challenge created by, his mounting, unsustainable deficits. – HOLMAN W. JENKINS, JR.

  18. lysie says:

    The debate is over. I think I held my breath the whole time.

  19. lysie says:

    Following Dick Morris’s comments here.

  20. Molly Pitcher says:

    Breaking news on the Syria mess from the NYT, and it isn’t good news….most of our support is heading into AQ hands…Sen. Biden: wrong again…can’t find a link yet….

  21. Molly Pitcher says:

    Good morning….fortunately I have LOTS to keep me busy from here to election day….3 weeks, right?

    Our R Senatorial candidate apparently professed last night in that debate that he wouldn’t have supported the Auto bailout…I will have to read the details, but that may have been an honest answer in a season of lies. and obfuscation. Should he get credit for that? WILL he get credit for that non-pander answer??

  22. Prairie says:

    Lou Dobbs reported on this tonight.

    Our Awful Economy, In One Chart

    For every one person added to the labor force since Jan. 2009, TEN people added to “not in the labor force”.

    Source, Senate Budget Committee

  23. The Raven says:

    I can’t imagine any Republican president throwing out all these lies. What is going on?

  24. Molly Pitcher says:

    Thanks lysie…queenie hello

  25. lysie says:


    Our library is ordering a few. I bought 2 of 2016 because an elderly friend asked me to order for him. When buying 2 I was able to get free shipping.

  26. queenie says:

    Well, we’re breathin’, and that’s a good thing. 🙂
    Good idea to order 2016. Everyone should have it in their ‘libraries.’

  27. lysie says:

    Good morning to you queenie. How are you? Keeping warm?
    I’ll have see that on dvd for the closed caption. Last night I order 2016 on Amazon for $9.99.

  28. queenie says:

    Good morning.
    We saw “Atlas Shrugged” Friday night. Thought it was quite good. Can’t wait for Part 3.

  29. edinva says:

    Molly, I think Romney can handle anything Obama tries. He’s battle-tested from the primaries, and has been in business doing sales, negotiations, financing, etc. for decades. O can only fall back on his experience ‘organizing’ in the ‘hood or in the faculty lounge. It’s thin, thin gruel.

  30. Molly Pitcher says:

    Hi everyone…I see John Stossel has a new special on the Welfare State on Fox News tonite.

    Been extra busy, very pleasantly so…absent from the internet largely, but not from political discussions.

    • Jemian says:

      To your questions:

      I don’t know.
      What IS the “real” BO?
      Is she a member of the liberal media?

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      haha, my questions were mostly rhetorical…

    • Jemian says:

      As were my answers. 😉

      I fiund out late last night, and others in this community will learn during the day, a long-time colleague and friend died as a result of a rather aggressive form of cancer. He had left the field here a few years ago and so was in Dallas. I’m sure we will have a memorial service here. Great jazz pianist. Rather droll sense of humor.

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