America the Right Way – Staying Vigilant December 29 and 30, 2012 ( Weekend Edition)

Good morning!

The clowns in Washington continue their NOT-funny parade! What a spectacle. Is this an MSNBC production?!

Do we deserve better? DO we?? Perhaps not, since this is what the electorate voted for in November…

Weekend Links

Hobby Lobby and the loss of America’s Soul Am. Thinker

Abolish Social Studies City Journal

The Political class is a cloud over us all NY Post

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19 Responses to America the Right Way – Staying Vigilant December 29 and 30, 2012 ( Weekend Edition)

  1. lysie says:

    Molly, ed, all

    As I was looking for Kirk Cameron’s MONUMENTAL: In Search of America’s National Treasure I noticed an article reviewing NBC’s “George Washington” and Spielberg’s “Lincoln” by David Barton. Not having seen either one I can’t affirm Barton’s views.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Uh oh…I take Barton’s criticisms seriously. He’s student of history…the accuracy of portrayals of historical figures, and he’s often right, altho he takes a lot of heat for it, since they run counter to the current mode of “updating” these figures, like Jefferson, our Founding Fathers, etc.

      I also note the negative to throwing money Hollywood’s way…

    • lysie says:

      I just happened to come across that review while researching Monumental. I guess it was meant to be. Ha!

      And while we are off Atkins type eating, I made 2 loaves of Italian bread. It smells great in the house. Perfect for a chilly evening.

      By the time Tuesday comes, I’ll be jumping out of my skin with high carbs. Eeek! Can’t wait for Tuesday.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      I thought hi carbs was supposed to turn you into a happy, couch potato, not a jump out of your skinner??

  2. Molly Pitcher says:

    YUM: Hot breakfast….

  3. mustknowhistory says:

    Hoping everyone is feeling better and that all had a wonderful Christmas.

    This is the most dysfunctional government I have ever seen. How will we survive another 4 years.

  4. queenie says:

    Happy Birthday, Two Thirds! 🙂

  5. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    Thanks for the start and links, Molly. I’m so happy you are better. Please take it easy.

  6. Molly Pitcher says:

    Hope everyone’s weekend is safe and healthy!

    • lysie says:

      You, too, Molly.

      I finally can say that last Saturday I woke up with some kind of knee injury. ( Didn’t want y’all worrying about me) No clue what happened to it. None.

      After one week it feels much better. I’m still using a cane, but that’s more of a safety issue rather than a need.

      It’s a good thing most of the bands that we dance to are off for a few more days. Otherwise, I would have the urge to dance and probably fall flat on my face. Ha!

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      well lysie you took care and it’s healing…whatever it was….a sprain of some sort? So glad!

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