America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- December 16 – December 20, 2013 Remember 9/11


Looks like the Senate will be voting soon on the Ryan Budget deal, and there is some doubt that it will pass. The Congressman was out today promoting it, but Senators ? Not sure.

Anyway, Ryan hints at a stronger R position in the coming debt ceiling battle. Now isn’t that statement an acknowledgement of the weak effort in THIS agreement?

Wrong kind of WH shake up further left of course….John Fund

Nothing is written Thoughts on the death of Peter O’Toole…who can forget seeing LofA on the big screen the first time?

Troubles only beginning WSJ on 0Care details

‘Tolerance’ and the end of liberty Dennis Prager

Equality and other ancient frauds Am. Spec.

Dems set Trap… Byron York

Cronies run DHS Michele Malkin

The trouble with the post-nuclear Senate Byron York

Duck dynasty vs. Pajama Boy Daily Caller

0Care’s radicalism Krauthammer

We LIKED our Doctor… Am. Thinker

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97 Responses to America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- December 16 – December 20, 2013 Remember 9/11

  1. Molly Pitcher says:

    Year end presser from 0… Lots of ers…..ums…..uhs…

  2. Prairie says:

    Molly, Phil Robertson’s sinful past is no secret, nor is his conversion to Christianity. He’s spoken out about both in vid’s that can be seen on the internet. And his sordid past was alluded to in the season opener this fall where he and his wife were renewing wedding vows and she remarked that he hadn’t always been kind in the past, but was now. So I think that will be viewed to have already been made public.

    Good morning all, we’re having a party tonight so I’m busy fixing party food, which I enjoy. Also, we heard on the radio that the blimp is a US Army surplus, has been used in Iraq or Afghanistan (Mr. Prairie didn’t remember which) and is tethered about 2500 feet. A half mile up, so it’s a pretty good sized thing. It has cameras and other surveillance equipment on it. Actually, posting about it prompted me to go check if it was up and indeed it is not. It’s been very windy here yesterday and today (not great for the party but them’s the breaks) so I suppose they had to bring it down.

    Happy Friday everybody.

  3. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Good morning!

      Not sure if it’s raining yet….still too dark.

      We took a hike in the woods yesterday….snow on the ground…crunch, crunch, under our boots but overhead…drip, drip…snow was melting from the tree branches

    • lysie says:

      Good morning to you, too. Not raining here..yet.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Well, I will go check the weather…

      This healthcare mess…I wish we wouldn’t lose sight of the Left’s big project here which is to eliminate choices, extract and abolish wealth in all its forms to redistribute as those enlightened few see fit, and control, control, control.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      light rain…melting snow…gray skies…little or no wind

    • tillacum says:

      Good Morning, lysie, Molly and everyone. It’s nice and cool this morning, but the temps will rise this afternoon.
      This morning the Rotary reads a Christmas story to the elementary children. This year, I’ll see what kind of stories the school has lined up. School room classes have changed drastically since my days in elementary school. But the children are all eager to do as the teacher asks, that’s nice to see.

  4. Molly Pitcher says:

    looking back 15 years. Impeachment of a president

  5. Molly Pitcher says:

    Raven yes, happy to be an antique in name and other ways also…1 of today’s themes here is, in fact, in one way or another, admitting one’s “antiqueness”!

    So…Eric Ericsson will be hosting Limbaugh’s show tomorrow…FYI

    I have never watched but a few minutes of Duck Dynasty…guess more people will be if that’s possible now.. but I’ve no doubt Mr. Robertson will quickly and regretfully admit his own imperfect nature & struggles to deal with it, accepting the Lord’s grace and love in the process.

    That would be another thing the MSM will never mention. No person of faith, true faith , is going to claim perfection while pointing out others’ sins.

  6. lysie says:

    Hmm, so when Phil adds a lot of “pepper” to his statements that’s wrong????? But when Conan, Maher, Stewart, Colbert, etc. it’s called comedy.

    I have to admit I was uncomfortable with some of Phil Robertson’s wording. The subject he was talking about IS uncomfortable. He was not talking about an individual person. He was talking about an act, unlike the way lib talked about Palin and others.

  7. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  8. The Raven says:

    Morning Quote:

    Now the persona is evaporating, under the impact of laughter on the one hand and sheer horror at the results of Obama’s incompetence (in health care today, in foreign policy next week) And that’s a good thing. Because nothing was being done, and nothing was ever going to be done. There’s a certain value in knowing how bad things actually are.
    JR Dunn, American Thinker, Dec 2013

  9. Prairie says:

    Perfect Prime Rib

    Has anybody ever cooked a roast like this? Prime rib or otherwise?

    • lysie says:

      For a few years I cooked prime rib for New Year’s Day. I have never tried roasting it that way. I put the roast in a 550 degree preheated oven. After 10-15 minutes I lower to 325 and bake minutes per pound for medium.

      If you give that recipe please let me know how it is. Thanks.

      Good news about Mr. P. Prayers for continued health.

      Phil and you are both right. Phil has been suspended from his show. Oh yeah! That will work. /s

  10. Prairie says:

    Good evening everybody. Checking in, hope all are well this week before CHRISTMAS. 🙂

    Mr. Prairie is healed up, PTL. A very nasty virus and a case of conjunctivitis….hope that’s all he’ll have to deal with this winter.

    Darned bizarre story about the Indian diplomat that was arrested and strip searched. Even KT McFarland said it’s bizarre considering the magnitude of what diplomats often get away with due to diplomatic immunity.

    I agree with Phil Robertson. For the record.

    We have a pot luck tomorrow and are hosting a party for friends on Friday. Calories, calories….

    There is a blimp that we can see outside our window that hovers above the Rio Grande. I took some pix of it this morning, zoomed way up on it, it looks like there is a camera suspended on the bottom of it. I think it’s a drone and that it’s tethered……at night there are lights that flash on it in seemingly random patterns……weird…..

  11. lysie says:

    Re: The nightmare. It is starting to get spooky. Greg said he left his keys on the kitchen table last night. Today, when he looked for them they were gone. Immediately he looked out the window to see if the truck was in the driveway. It was. 🙂

    I searched and searched. Pants pockets…floor…under china cabinet…everywhere. Finally found them in Greg’s boot. It seems like one of the cats was playing with them. That’s the only thing I can come up with.

  12. The Raven says:

    Hurumph…I was at work and my boss sent me home (cold medicine wore off). Tomorrow until Jan 6 – on vacation…..and off to mom’s tomorrow. Will drive to the right of Molly Pitcher Hwy in Pa. Will drive to the “left” of Deceitland , DC. Will lose some money in the Hollywood Casino. Will miss Friday Afternoon funnies.

  13. Molly Pitcher says:

    Pajama boy The latest 0Care ad ‘triumph’

  14. lysie says:

    Whoa! What a nightmare I had! I was dreaming that I was at a party with friends. For some reason Greg wasn’t there. After a while I said that I was leaving. I had no purse and no keys. When I went outside I had NO truck. That’s when I realized I left everything in the truck and someone took it. Yikes! You think I woke up? I sure did.

  15. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Good morning Raven and lysie

      I read that insurance companies are going to start ramping up their ads promoting the blasted thing now that sign-up process is running better, and they have been pressured, cajoled and threatened to do so.

  16. The Raven says:

    I was flipping through channels and just in time to hear Alan Colmes on O’Reilly giving a pass to Obama for the Obamacare lies because of the evil insurance companies.

    They need to blame everything on someone else!!! Even when they are clearly in the wrong.

  17. Molly Pitcher says:

    Did y’all see that photo of 0 in our embassy in London?? Truly weird….

  18. lysie says:

    Hahaha! My wireless mouse was acting up. After attempting to clean it I was about to give up and buy a new one. This morning I figured since it was a lost cause I may as well slam it on the desk sideways to get any dust, crud out. Wow! One never knows what creeps in there at night. LOL

    It’s working. Ha!

    • tillacum says:

      Yesterday morning my computer notified me that my e-mail list was no more. In the afternoon sometime it back. Strange things happen in computers. Look what’s going on with nobamacare’s website. It has a lot of strange things happening in it.
      I just received an e-mail “Constitution Free Zone?”. Seems the Department of Homeland Security is setting up “road-blocks” around our country, and there is little reporting of it, from Obama’s presstitutes.
      The first I heard, was in Ft Worth where cars were pulled over because, “the DHS” was swabbing mouths to detect if the drivers were on drugs. This morning I read that the DHS was stopping all traffic at a ferry dock in Galveston, removing the drivers then investigation their automobiles, including the trunks. Evidently other DHS road-blocks have been set up around the country, but we don’t hear about them. The thing that bothers me the most, our elected Senators and Congressmen/women are silent as church mice about this infraction against American citizens.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Thanks for that report till….I have read such things too.

  19. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Has Sarah gotten safely home?

      Too many errands to do today…should have done more yesterday. We did go to a bar/grill last night: hamburgers for 1/2 price on Monday. They were good too, but in a very busy, congested part of town these days…passed one accident on the way, and another one on our return near the busiest intersection…aaargh…glad to reach home in one piece

    • lysie says:

      Not home yet, but she have almost a month of before the next semester. She was worried about one final in pharmacology. Ended getting an 84. All her other grades were in the 90s.

    • lysie says:

      Oh and more snow here. Sheesh! I think we have had 5-6 inches each night for the past several nights.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Fairly tired here…rush rush, rush….but still more errands tomorrow…did see that people were treating each other kindly and politely…several such kindnesses…but also another fender bender…those folks weren’t doing so well. HA!

      Glad Sarah will be home for a good break!

  20. The Raven says:

    Morning Quote and link:

    Lesson One: Crime kills cities. That’s a corollary of the principle that every political philosopher since ancient times has stressed: Government’s first job is keeping the citizens safe in the streets and in their homes. True, there’s a great deal of ruin in a metropolis like New York: people will put up with a lot to have world-class museums, great music, exciting jobs, good mating prospects.

    -from What Is a Mayor’s Job?by MYRON MAGNET on life in NYC before Guiliani

  21. lysie says:

    RIP , Mr. Price.

  22. The Raven says:

    So we have had no budgets from the Senate since when? 4 years ago? And what have we done in the mean time? Continuing resolutions. Either way….the ‘Pubs are dealing with wild animals. How do they win?

  23. tillacum says:

    Joan Fontaine has also passed. She was 96.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Thanks till….Was watching one of her old movies the other day…Tyrone Power was in it too, and I’d never seen it….DVR’d it…They were roughly the same age, but Power died very early

  24. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  25. Molly Pitcher says:

    ok…..some woman called in to Bennett just now…middle class and getting a rather large subsidy out of 0care…hmmm

    plus another anecdotal story from someone we know with lots of assets, but no salary income. He retired young and well to do…was paying significant amounts for his health insurance…now, thru a state exchange: much, much less… how does that work???

    • mustknowhistory says:

      The goal may be to put everyone on a subsidy. Or should I say, force everyone onto a subsidy.

      Had lunch with an insurance friend last week, and this is what she told me.

    • The Raven says:

      I just tried and this time the part that gives you a quote was working. I got a slew of quotes–the cheapest was still more than my company offered retirement package.

      Oh well. And what to think of the Arapahoe High School shooter. The left likes to kill, I know (Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Kim, N Vietnam, Hungary, Ethiopia (who’d I leave out? – Oh yeah, Oswald) ) and I can just visualize this. He gets put down in a debating class and first resorts to name-calling, murder threats, and temper tantrums. When that doesn’t work, he grabs a shotgun.

      Seems to me we need to curtail left wing thought. Maybe have the IRS and the main stream media tamp it down. Can you imagine where we would be today if there had been no Marx? No communism. No socialism. Now that would be utopia !! What do you say? Let’s get rid of it !!

    • mustknowhistory says:

      Someone posted the following at Hot Air. I don’t know if it is true:

      Did you see about the CT exchange, people were being underquoted to the point that one poor slob got hit with an extra $4,000 after choosing his plan.

      Bishop on December 16, 2013 at 9:25 AM

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Well, that’s what is said: subsidies and more subsidies to grab people into the system….but some will pay way more – the subsidizers.

      But they messed up: too much pain ahead of the gain….a lot of things gone wrong and the lies uncovered, too, so there may be hope for ditching the thing.

  26. Bitwhacker says:

    Mornin’ Evruhbody!

    I am going to try to check in regularly now, so we’ll see how well I do.

    I think the House GOP is playing small-ball on the budget, and maybe it is a good thing that they kept the increase in spending to ‘only’ 60 Billion. As long as the Senate gets away with passing NO budget for an entire presidential term, I don’t see what Ryan & co. can do until the mid-terms, when we hopefully run the Dem bastards out of the majority.

    The deductibles PLUS the premiums make the new health plans UNaffordable. No question. Wait till the people who get their insurance from employers get nailed (the majority) — there will be screaming unheard of as of yet.

    As for, all I can say was they chose a purely unqualified company to use obsolete tools to build something that doesn’t work, for about 40 times what it should have cost — and big pieces are still missing! But that’s not the bad part: The website could be perfect but still serve up the slop that is the actual law. That is the fatal flaw.

    Oh, and Raven: I have to thank you once again for turning me onto the Slingbox. I use it just about every day — I even do On Demand on Xfinity to catch up on The Walking Dead and The Good Wife, which you can’t do on normal hotel cable — and I use it on every device I have. Need to upgrade to Roamio now so I can get at my home content. Thanks again. Any other gadget suggestions?

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Hi Bit…your last para….have no idea of those terms…yikes my tech savvy is non existent, but…I thank you for answering the question I posed to you about the website flaws..

      Small Ball as applied to the budget…could be…heard someone else mention that….just seems like the Dems find ways to adapt, no matter what game the Rs are playing…

    • The Raven says:

      Now that I moved next to a lake – I have satellite internet and am limited with a download allowance ant therefore – no Slingbox. But our company cut back on travel and instead of two trips / month – I have two/year and to top it off, I’m retiring in about 90 days… no need for Slingbox !!

      I do still use my other gadget (Sonos) frequently now as it plays not only music, but the world of talk radio is at my fingertips. And the download size is a fraction of video. I understand the DirecTV app has something similar to Slingbox but I haven’t yet fiddled with it

    • Bitwhacker says:

      Slingbox transmits your home tv signal across the internet to wherever you are, and it lets you change the channel on your cable box — it’s like having a window into your home TV and use the remote, even though you are not there. The Roamio is a model of SLingbox that has extra features, like allowing you to hook up a hard drive with movies and then play that across the internet to your PC/Tablet/whatever.

      I say small ball because they are arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic — Obama’s aimed at taking the debt to 30 Trillion before he is done — that is like 200% GDP!!!! Who is going to lend to us with that kind of debt? Is there even enough money in the world to finance it? We are going to run out of other people’s money, and it will be before 2016….

    • Bitwhacker says:

      Well, Raven, good for you on your retirement. I don’t think I will ever retire (or will keep going until i can’t physically or mentally do it any more). I don’t know what I would do besides work. Gotta work on that one, because I could get used to sailing every day…

  27. The Raven says:

    I haven’t seen any commentary on the effect of these high deductibles. How will an average income family respond to the massive increase in health costs? Milton Friedman had proposed a high deductible catastrophic plan coupled with a health savings account to pay for the deductibles and office visits — are health plan HSO’s still legal?

    Anyway…….this wordpress piece was linked by

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      High deductibles plus higher taxes to fund the blasted thing=Massive pain!

      Thanks for the link, and good morning…you feeling better I hope…

  28. Molly Pitcher says:

    Actor Peter O’Toole has died at 81….somehow I thought he might be older…he’s had a long career.

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