America the Right Way – Staying Vigilant March 1 , 2014 and March 2 , 2014 (Weekend Edition)

When is economic growth not growth? When it’s run my Obama and his group of incompetents.

The Commerce Department has stated their 4th quarter estimate wasn’t quite what they thought it would be (down from a 3.2% to a 2.4% annual rate).

They say exports and consumer spending are down. Hey, Commerce Department I could have told you that. We have cut back.. a lot. We live about 12 miles from any major grocery chain. Our truck gets about 20 miles per gallon. No quick trips to the grocery store for special items we might want, not need. By doing that, the money we spend on gasoline has been cut in 1/2.

Can this administration get anything right?

Good morning everyone.

Sunday breakfast

0 declares War PJM

A Familiar Pattern Hayek on the present administration

Worse than Carter’s….the foreign policy of this administration

Putin smashes Washington’s Cocoon

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34 Responses to America the Right Way – Staying Vigilant March 1 , 2014 and March 2 , 2014 (Weekend Edition)

  1. Molly Pitcher says:



  2. Molly Pitcher says:

    Good morning everyone. Thanks for the breakfast lysie…oh my gosh we could not get up and going til about 1/2 hour ago! I actually felt like I was getting the flu, but better now….don’t know my dh’s excuse….We were counting on making it to church, too.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Those are a hoot, and fairly restrained, at least in design, for NO…the message, however, is pretty brave, I would say, for the city and its inhabitants. Wow! Well, there’s a wide range of krewes who do these parades, but they can run afoul of the powers that be… speech but some, but not for others is one way to put it.

    • Prairie says:

      I’ve only been there once and that was to a convention.

    • lysie says:

      Thanks for the links, Prairie.

      This Friday Greg has a charity bowling tournament. I’ll be going with him. I’m hoping Stanley will be there like usual. He was born in Poland. I’m interested in his comments concerning the Ukraine.

    • Prairie says:

      I would be interested to hear his perspective too.

  3. lysie says:

    Sarah and her bf John went to the vigil today at Wayside Youth and Family Support Network for Justina Pelletier in Framingham, Mass.

    Here she is. She’s the one wearing the YANKEES hat or KEES just below the middle pink sign. LOL

  4. Prairie says:

    A friend was asking me last night if I had gone off Facebook permanently and after hearing my unhesitant YES answer, tried to encourage me to simply come back on and not post news articles, political commentary etc. He told me I was missing a lot of pictures, updates etc. and I’m certain that he’s right. I do miss keeping in touch with some folks but it still isn’t worth signing back up with the website and I told him as much.

    Anyway, after seeing that friend we returned home last night only to read about the “uncontested arrival” bended and twisted semantics of the Obama administration, along with some other disheartening news stories. I’m considering emailing him the link, he probably tunes out news to the extent that he isn’t even aware of it.

    We find ourselves these days putting forth less and less effort into strengthening or growing friendships with people who we know are liberals, knee-jerk auto-pilot democrats or just willfully oblivious to the news and developments that are happening in the world. We weeded out such people that we’ve known for decades from our Christmas card list last year. Every day that goes by, there is less and less that we have in common with these people. So while I agree with Peggy Noonan and her assessments that the progressive left is “hurting the nation’s morale”, I continue to point one huge, fat finger at her for initially supporting Barack Hussein Obama in his first term. As a columnist, ex-Reagan aide and political analyst, she should’ve been able to see what the rest of us saw in the danger of electing Barack Obama and what he is actually like. That she didn’t or else decided that admitting so at the time would cost her too many DC cocktail party invitations, discredits her immensely in my book. Welcome to reality, Peggy. Sucks, don’t it…..?

    And that’s the memo. Hope all are having a great weekend. Very low key around here. A good change for once.

  5. lysie says:

    How about this quote, Rav?

    Lucas McCain: “Mark, money is nothing but paper and green ink. The thing that gives it value is how its earned. Now an outlaw’s money is never earned. Not the kind we want.”
    The Rifleman – 1959

    • The Raven says:


      Speaking of guns……I was just trying to figure if you need a permit to carry for an RV. If you drive it through say five states…..will you need paperwork for the libs? Shotguns, rifles, handguns? Any experts here?

    • lysie says:

      Maybe this will help, although it is dated December 20, 2012.

      Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms

      This book is for sale at various websites such as NRA and Amazon.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      You need to check the laws of the various states you travel thru Raven.

      Do you have CCW permit? There is reciprocity between a lot of states. If you don’t, you still should check the laws…not sure just carrying a weapon in an RV or car is legal unless it is in a case, put away, and you are on the way to a range. You see what I mean? Is the RV considered like your home, where thankfully we are mostly able to have weapons in most states?

      Just google the topic, and you’ll find the info you need per state.

      I imagine prairie can give you even more info….

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Excellent lysie Thank you

    • The Raven says:

      That guide had all my questions answered (I think)… if I don’t have a carry permit and I transport a shotgun…it needs to be locked up. and away from easy use.

      I don’t have a carry permit….but I have the mandatory class scheduled… week before we leave….not sure if I get one right away or wait for it in the mail. I presume the transport rules go away in that case if the states are reciprocal. In my case, all the Southern States we are going to or driving through accept TN

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      The class will answer your questions about the permit issuance, but it will likely take a few weeks.

      In my county, you take your class certification to the sheriff’s office , they take your pic…then you wait til they call you and you pick it up in person…the license.

      You can also reach some 2nd amendment group in TN and they will answer your questions specific to TN

  6. lysie says:

    Bringing your morning quote over here, Rav.

    The Raven says:Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 6:21 am EST (Edit)
    Morning quote from David Koch:

    …the role of business is to create products that make peoples’ lives better while using less resources to do it and making more resources available to satisfy other needs. When a company is not being guided by the products they make and what the customers need, but by how they can manipulate the system — get regulations on their competitors, or mandates on using their products, or eliminating foreign competition — it just lowers the overall standard of living and hurts the disadvantaged the most.

  7. lysie says:

    Molly, everyone, I’m thing of putting the morning breakfast in the header and change it each morning. What do you think? Good idea or not?

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