America the Right Way – Staying Vigilant March 29 , 2014 and March 30 , 2014 (Weekend Edition)

Over-reaching authority? I think so.

The U.S Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights has told a Michigan Middle School to remove the new bleachers for its boys’ varsity baseball team because the new seating is nicer than the girls’ softball bleachers. The money to build the bleachers was raised by the parents. The parents also installed the bleachers and added a new scoreboard.

The department ruled that new seating was “no longer equal” to the adjacent girls’ softball bleachers.

What a waste of time and money! Government agencies do that well.

Prayers for those in L.A. who experienced the earthquake. Continuing prayers for the victims and their families in the Washington mudslide.

The death of a hero Jeremiah Denton

Mark Udall didn’t get the memo Am. spec.

Bob nails 0bama News busters

Chickens come home to roost for 0 NY Post

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33 Responses to America the Right Way – Staying Vigilant March 29 , 2014 and March 30 , 2014 (Weekend Edition)

  1. lysie says:

    Ha! We watched the NCAA Michigan St./ Conn. basketball game. Conn. won. Obama’s pick lost. Ha!

  2. lysie says:

    Nice to see the Dem. Kerrey telling the truth, Molly.

  3. lysie says:

    Sad news about Noel Sheppard’s passing. Saying prayers for family and friends.

    • edinva says:

      G’day everyone.

      We are again being blessed with rain (not snow) in preparation for a glorious Spring. When and if it comes. (would one nice, warm, sunny day be too much to ask? grumble grumble)

      I imagine everyone’s followed to some extent the story of the CT family whose daughter, Justina, was abducted/kidnapped legally by Boston Children’s Hospital and the MA judicial system in what should scare the living hell out of every parent in America. Saw last night that Alan Dershowitz has become involved on the side of the family. Overall, Alan isn’t my cup o’ tea, but every once in a while he steps up and does the right thing.

      Molly, the kite-flying and baby sitting sound rather appealing.
      Have a grand day.

  4. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    Ed, what a scare! I’ll be praying that with the proper diet your hubby can keep it under control.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Thank goodness for your husband’s recovery ED . and have fun with your new device. Your eyes are all healed?

      Great breakfast lysie . Thank you!

      We have a day of church, kite flying , and a dose of baby sitting ahead….back later

    • lysie says:

      Church, kite flying and baby sitting….perfect day. I never thought I would tell you this, Molly , but “go fly a kite.” Your post was a great setup for that punch line. 🙂

  5. Prairie says:

    World Vision Withdraws From the Brink

    It seems that World Vision has just pulled a Cracker Barrel. I have to confess, I don’t recall knowing World Vision but it’s quite telling how easily tempted they were to climb onto the homosexual marriage bandwagon. Good for Franklin Graham, the Southern Baptist Association and social conservatives. End times..

    I’m in a rather sour mood today, news and all. Which isn’t good because I have 12 coming here for a social in two hours. That’ll probably cheer me up though.

    • Prairie says:

      Yeah well, the *heck* with the NY Times and the *heck* with the Washington Post. (extreme posting restraint being applied) More flagrant examples of communist worshippers in our media, it would be hard to find. Lots of blood on lots of hands of our media from those days and since. Oh, and while I’m at it the *heck* with Barack Obama and the left.

      RIP brave American warrior. RIP.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Understand prairie. Completely understand . I expect you will find your way out of the dark mood softly tho.

  6. lysie says:

    Good morning, Molly. You are welcome. How are things? Greg and I had a great time last night making our friends laugh. We should go on the road. 😉

  7. Prairie says:

    If anybody watches RFD TV much, you’ve likely become familiar with the Joey and Rory Show. Married couple, he writes wonderful songs, she’s a real beauty. They’ve achieved a rather meteoric fame in the past couple of years, recordings, tours etc. Humble beginnings, farm folks.

    It was announced last fall that Joey was pregnant. And she delivered in February, a little girl.

    With Downs Syndrome.

    The daddy is posting a blog about their experiences at: This Life I Live. They are God-centered folks. The baby’s name is Indiana. Good morning all.

  8. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Good morning…and thank you for the deliciousness lysie

    • edinva says:

      g’day, all. Lysie, I’ll have a double order! (nothing better for dinner than a good breakfast)

      I am really saddened by Sen. Denton’s passing. Had the good fortune to meet him (ever so briefly) while he was serving AL in the Senate.

      So, an interesting week behind us. Sunday eve DH was working away when suddenly he didn’t feel too well. After several hours of nausea, we trotted off to the ER, and 9 long hours and multiple tests later, he was admitted for “pancreatisis” (sp?) and we were facing gall bladder surgery. By Monday night, all the counts had gone down, seemingly a self-heal. Whatever, I’ll take it, but sure did miss that 9 hours of lost sleep! Still trying to catch up. And, oh, what a dreary day today was! Kept reminding myself all that rain wasn’t white stuff. Nearly April Showers and all that good stuff.

      Did I tell y’all about my early birthday gift? Last Saturday we had a family brunch for my daughter’s birthday when she and her husband presented ME with a (way) early birthday gift. It’s a MacBook Pro and I’m loving it! Such fun. Their thinking was that I’d figure out how to use it by the time my actual birthday arrives in late October. It’s a possibility. But I’m doing much better than expected.

      Are the Obama women folk back from China yet? Guess we could find out by checking the Sidwell Friends school calendar to see when Spring Break ends. Love this public service gig.

    • Prairie says:

      I’m glad to read that DH is feeling better, that must’ve been scary. Interestingly, a good friend at my party tonight developed nausea and actually threw up before hastily heading home. I hadn’t thought about gall bladder, will talk to her to see if she’s better and may mention that.

    • edinva says:

      Prairie, that was how *my* gall bladder incident started. But, thick mule head that I am, I let it go on until it was unbearable. Tell your friend not to let that happen. Not at all a good idea. She can check w/her GP or go to the ER or one of those storefront Prime Care places. Beats what I went thru. Oh, and I DID feel better on Day 2; that was deceptive. She really should monitor it ASAP.

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