America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- May 19, 2014 – May 23, 2014 Remember 9/11


There’s a possibility at least that California Chrome will withdraw from the Belmont if not allowed to use his now-customary nasal strip. But NY racing rules may prevent it. Stay tuned. Sure hope he gets to make his Triple Crown bid.

Lessons of the VA scandal John Fund

Reversing America’s Decline Joel Kotkin

In Arkansas, 0 isn’t so popular…. National journal

The Rise of the Campus Brown Shirts PJM

Get ready for Slavery reparations debate

Howard Dean on republicans Powerline

House Dem slams 0 & Shinseki over VA mess Whoa

When a president learns everything on tv Commentary

We treat Illegals better than Veterans Michelle Malkin

Medal of Honor vs the Selfie NY Post

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107 Responses to America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- May 19, 2014 – May 23, 2014 Remember 9/11

  1. Molly Pitcher says:

    Just a reminder….don’t forget the meteor shower the next 2 nights, if you are interested and your skies are clear. That applies to me, so when I wake up after mid nite as I usually do at some point, I’ll be heading outside and looking n. (towards the North Star).

    • edinva says:

      MAYBE just MAYBE that’s why I missed the meteor shower last night. I was looking due South! I saw lots of stars, so can’t blame it on city lights and all that. WIll try again tonight. My friend observed that the only people she knew who saw the showers last night were at the beach. This old gal will NOT cross the Bay Bridge for that view!

    • edinva says:

      It’s been weeks, hasn’t it, since we’ve had a 3-day weekend? I’m good and ready! In my dreams. It’s looking less likely that I’ll get to the Rolling Thunder ride. May have to work all weekend. Two major deadlines on Tuesday and Wednesday. Life’s like that. But I’ve seen a fair number of bikers around town.

      This morning we went to the Ordination I’d mentioned for a former intern’s becoming a Catholic priest. Nobody, but nobody, does ‘ceremony’ like Catholics. It was just gorgeous and stirring and actually emotional. Lovely old (mid 1800s) church, high ceilings, lots of stained glass windows; more than EIGHTY (80!) priests in white robes to support the 7 taking their vows and or to con-celebrate the Mass, and nearly every hymn was Gregorian chant that resonates beautifully in that type church. I personally cannot begin to imagine the kind of commitment those young men made. (nor, can I imagine why the young man we went to see would chose priesthood over being a lawyer. Who could imagine THAT?) All I can say is God bless them, it’s an extraordinary calling.

    • lysie says:

      Hi ed.

      Thanks for the Ordination report. It is wonderful reading good news.

      Awww! Too bad about the weekend snag in your plans. Perhaps some other time you can ” Get your motor running… head out on the highway. Looking for adventure” 😉

    • Molly Pitcher says:


      Outside. Most of the day. Not tooooo tired.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      What an experience for you to see! Thanks for letting us know how it went ED

  2. lysie says:

    Here’s a quote you’ll get a kick out of Rav. You can’t make this stuff up.

    May 21, 2014- SECRETARY KERRY:

    Well, I believe President Obama will go down in history as the president who has held himself and his Administration accountable to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. The President has personally committed his Administration, which it has accomplished, to take an in-depth analysis of precisely what was happening, which everybody here knows President Obama didn’t order because he was in the Senate – and not even in the Senate – when much of this was put in place…….

  3. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • The Raven says:


      Morning quote #1:

      … President Obama’s VA scandal is the most serious and damaging of his presidency. It is the Obama administration in sum and in miniature: incompetent management of a health system, defended by crude media manipulation.

      – WAPO’s Michael Gerson in The VA scandal will stick with the Obama administration

      Morning quote #2:

      What better way to “attrition out” the stubborn bitter clingers? So that they could be replaced by the indoctrinated, imported and indentured.

      – Blogger cfbleachers responding to Roger Simon’s The Veterans Scandal: Socialized Medicine on Trial

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Good morning! Memorial Day weekend is about here…the start to summer!

      The Indians won another jaw-dropper last night, this time in the top of the 13th. They sure tried to give it away before that, but so did the Baltimore Birds…I guess our faulty fielding just wasn’t enough….more drama had to follow.

    • lysie says:

      The VA mess has me fuming, Rav. Seriously though, how can anyone pick the most damaging? All of them , Benghazi, IRS, ObamaCare, VA, etc. would be if the press would report the facts.

      Molly, was watching both the Indians and Yankees…then..fell asleep. Oops!

    • The Raven says:

      That was his point, Lysie, …that the media just don’t understand the other scandals or they assume the ‘Pubs are being political. This one they understand. For the others, they need to sit in a nice chair, close their eyes, and envision the same facts with a Republican in office.

    • lysie says:

      Yes. The biting dog is at fault along with the people who feed the dog and treat it as though it’s a good dog.

  4. lysie says:

    Upsetting post on Craigslist. I see this type of thing often. Scary.

    Free item….. “Willing to leave on my porch for pick up when I’m not home.”

  5. lysie says:

    Today Obama is coming to Cooperstown, NY. Thunderstorms are in the forecast.

  6. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  7. The Raven says:

    Would we not all be better off in separate countries — Maybe three – The South, The Northeast, and Obamaland.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      I’m ready to separate into a republic called the United States of America which is governed by laws and a constitution. Oh wait we already have that it ‘s just not honored anymore.

  8. Molly Pitcher says:

    honoring a champion of economic freedom…. And a prescription for recovery.

  9. Molly Pitcher says:

    Is there anything better than listening to an exciting baseball game while outside playing in the dirt on a nice spring day??

  10. tillacum says:

    Heard the presser too…he talked so long, answering questions, he didn’t take many questions. And
    the word “I”,,,,,! ! 😦

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Sickening, isn’t it?

    • lysie says:

      Well, I’m glad I missed that presser.

      Till, hope you get a good report from your doctor.

      Hi Ed. Prayers going up for your brother.

      I bet those bikers could give you an earful regarding the Veterans’ Affairs healthcare scandal.

      To some they may appear “scary and rough around the edges”, but most are true patriots.

  11. Molly Pitcher says:

    the cowboy rides away. Am. Spec. on George Strait

  12. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Thank you!

      till…..hope you get the good news you want to hear on your foot today.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Been meaning to ask you for ages lysie… y’all belong to your local (probably county) farm bureau? Ours has plenty of helpful seminars, events, etc., & offers good discounts too for certain services and businesses.

    • lysie says:

      You are welcome.

      Rain today so inside organizing. Question? Why do I have so many plastic food containers? Sheesh! I’m getting rid of many.

    • lysie says:

      I’ve heard about our local farm bureau, however we are not members. Thanks for mentioning. I will contact them for information.

    • edinva says:

      G’day all. lysie, thanks for breakfast.

      Been missing y’all. Busy with work. Long Mother’s Week. Then, bro in FL has been in hospital twice but think it’s all under control now. So, life goes on.

      Yesterday I saw my first 2 bikers in town for Rolling Thunder. More will appear as the week moves on. Hope I can make it this year. Hard for me to imagine riding one of those things clear across the country. But there are those who do it each and every year.

      Hoping all’s well with each of you. We had a few very warm days but then heavy rain and it all cooled down to make nice, Spring-like weather. Thought we were going to jump right from the brutal winter to sizzling summer. So we’ve caught a break. Would love to just bottle it!!

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Hi ED…just heard 0’s presser on the VA….UGH!

      Faux outrage or maybe it’s not so faux ….there’s that element of the personal in his comments which I find so weird and scary.

    • edinva says:

      Molly, you have to have a STRONG stomach to listen to his pressers. I just can’t do it. WIth him, everything is “personal,” everything is about “me,” “I,” and “my.”

      My dh is on the phone right now, as we received a call from a young man who’d been his intern maybe 10 years ago while a college student at St. Bonaventure in NYS. This Friday he is being ordained as a Catholic priest. He’s been a “Brother” for a few years, decided to go into the priesthood itself. I really consider it a blessing to have known him and followed his journey. So we will go to the ordination ceremony. Never been to one, should be interesting, exciting, and very moving. What a commitment.

    • tillacum says:

      Nice breakfast idea, lysie.
      Thank you Molly, I hope so too. Before I go to see the Dr this afternoon, I need to get the
      cockleburs out of the end of the bandage. Went into the pasture where the grass had been cut, and there were the burs…waiting for someone to attach to. In the post op
      instructions #1 was, no gardening…but it’s spring and that’s what we do. Oh well, I did
      have my foot up when reading.

  13. lysie says:

    Busy, yet pleasant day today. Mowed the back yard and puttered around.

  14. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  15. The Raven says:

    Morning quotes: [TRIGGER WARNING]:

    College was once about preparing boys and girls to become men and women, not least through a process of desensitization to discomfiting ideas. Now it’s just a $240,000 extension of kindergarten.

    – Wall St. Journal’s Bret Stephens column in a faux commencement address to the Class of 2014 discussing “trigger warnings” – May, 2014

    and this one [ugh]

    After a last hurrah for Republicans in this year’s midterm elections, Democrats will have a commanding majority at the polls as far as the eye can see.

    Disturbing quote from Fred Barnes

    • lysie says:

      Good morning, Rav..

      I’ll be voting against our school budget today,,not that it matters.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Disturbing to the nth degree, yes.

    • The Raven says:

      Mark Levin says we are already post-Constitution and we probably are. But it surely gets worse when the libs control everything. No more freedom. No more financial success. No more checks and balances. Symbolic Congress and Judicial system. Lots of Obamas running around taking your money, telling you what to do and then spitting on you.

  16. Prairie says:

    It’s Not Your Father’s Vietnam

    Very interesting, riots in Vietnam and Phillipines against Chinese naval aggression. Laughable analysis in final paragraphs from the NY Slimes.

  17. Bitwhacker says:

    I put up some movie reviews on the Movies tab. They don’t appear to be showing up as new posts on the list of links to the right; don’t know why. You can thank me later. 🙂

  18. tillacum says:

    Good Morning Bit, Love your humor.

  19. lysie says:

    Going to visit Dad and my brother. BBL.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Very good…

      One more thing, before I leave again too.

      A week+ ago, Victor Davis Hanson was pretty badly hurt in a cycling accident. He’s written about it at PJM. As the mom of a son who loves his bike, it’s scary to read.

      Anyway I offer prayers for his recovery.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      one more thing..

      Can’t believe this author just died…I read her novels decades ago…(sad to say…)

      Mary Stewart

  20. The Raven says:

    Inquiring minds want to know: Did Hillary pay Rove to make the head injury comment early so it is forgotten come 2016 elections? It comes out at the same time as Monica’s article and before Hillary’s Bah Bah Wah Wah appearance. How do they do that?

  21. lysie says:

    jtill sent this to me in an email. Guaranteed to get you teary eyed and smile.

  22. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone. Thanks for the start, Molly.

  23. Molly Pitcher says:

    This evening we started watching a German mini-series: Generation War. It follows 5 friends starting the summer of 1941, as 2 of them, brothers in the German Army, head to the Eastern Front, & another, a young Jewish tailor grows increasingly uncomfortable as his German girlfriend takes up with a German officer and the last, a young nurse, leaves for a field hospital.

    It is extremely brutal, disturbing and fascinating to watch. 2 ideas come quickly to mind: Civilization exists on some very thin ground, and appeasing certain kinds of enemies leads to disaster after disaster and great human misery.

    The subtitles are easy to follow..

    • lysie says:

      Thanks for the review. I put it on hold at my library. Four people are ahead of me.

    • Bitwhacker says:

      Gotta watch this one! Thanks for the heads up — I never heard of it and surely would not have seen it.

      Funny you mention civilization: There’s a line in The Monuments Men (review to follow shortly 🙂 ) spoken by George Clooney’s character (the leader of the 7-man MM unit) when asked about why it was so important not only to find all the stolen art treasures but to return them to their rightful owners: “You can wipe out an entire generation, you can burn their homes to the ground and somehow they’ll still find their way back. But if you destroy their history, you destroy their achievements and it’s as if they never existed.”

      That is how I feel about this ‘fundamental transformation’ of America into Amerika. Nobama wants to pretend that America’s founding and principles never existed. The Constitution was the foundation for the civilization of America, based on the ideals set forth in the Declaration. Nobama’s crew want to simply sidestep all that and become Vichy France.

      I hope this November brings the mighty swift sword down on the Dems harder than they have never been trounced before. We need to return to the culture we had before this BS, which needed no transformation. This New Normal will ruin us if left unchecked.

      IF I had an opinion, of course. 🙂 Hi everybody!

    • lysie says:

      Hi there Bit.

      Speaking of coming out of hiding…..Happy Birthday. Hahahaha!

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      You will find the 4 1/2+ hours better digested in segments, I’m thinking.. Got it from the library also lysie

      We continue with it tonite, and I will be better prepared to deal with the wave of anger which swept over me as we turned it off last night.

      Glad to have alerted you Bit…we may have read about it in a WSJ Weekend edition…not quite sure.

    • Bitwhacker says:

      Hey Molly — Nope, I would have completely missed it if I hadn’t seen your post. Thanks!

      Hi Lysie!!! My Birthday is Feb 30th….

    • Prairie says:

      On TV or did you rent it?

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      I found the DVDs at the library prairie

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