America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- August 30 , 2014 – August 31 , 2014 Remember 9/11 ( Weekend Edition)

As much as all of us like to be news informed, how about we go back to remember kinder times.

Molly, yesterday, mentioned a childhood memory while traveling with her father. That reminded me of the days Gramp would load up the yellow Packard (believe me… his one extravagant dream car). Gramp, Gram, Mom, Aunts, brother and I would pile in the car for an occasional Sunday drive.

Back then there were cautious drivers and not many highways. We would “all” load up to cruise the countryside. I remember the “oooohs” and ” isn’t that beautiful” as we passed acres of planted corn for farmer’s cattle.

I remember stopping off the road for lunch. Gram packed a lunch that was far more superior than any fast food place…. ice cold homemade lemonade , egg salad sandwiches and fruit.

I remember stopping at a park to play on the swings and slide.

Most of all ..I remember THE LOVE.

When we returned home my brother and I were worn out. Just imagine how the elders felt. 🙂

I pray for more “THE LOVE” for families. It’s essential for our country.

Britain facing its greatest terror threat UK Telegraph

Another insight into 0’s brain Sorry, sorry! But….hot air

Golf is not the answer For some reason this title makes me laugh, and that is a good feeling

Tis a Gift to be Simple Fits right into your opening, lysie

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30 Responses to America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- August 30 , 2014 – August 31 , 2014 Remember 9/11 ( Weekend Edition)

  1. lysie says:

    Yes, Molly. Simple things, such as the topic of my post below. Simple, yet functional and enjoyable. The cost is several thousands less than a new economy car and the price is negotiable.

    Yesterday we went back to Fair Haven bay off Lake Ontario. This time it was to look for a small trailer-type camp. We may have found something with a dock for Greg’s boat. Woohoo!

    The camp would be ours and the park lot rental is about $1200 per year. The park looks quiet and well maintained.

    Another area had a similar setup, but it seemed congested and unorganized.

    Not the actual camp, but like it.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Oh that is good news! A get away for you that you can enjoy quite a lot!

      Would that be 3 seasons of use?

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Ok! That is Little Sodus Bay! We definitely got to Sodus Bay 11 years ago, and drove east of there . Don’t think we saw Little Sodus, but came close. Lovely, lovely area

  2. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  3. The Raven says:

    Morning quote:

    “The very rich are different from you and me.”

    Obama at a $35,000 a plate fund raiser

  4. Molly Pitcher says:

    Why did British police ignore this? horrific crimes in a formerly civilized country

    • tillacum says:

      OH my. Once the greatest country in the world. Manners and civility reigned. Today, 70 years after WWII, they have crawled into the same hole as the middle eastern “new comers”. It’s amazing, middle eastern Asians “escape” the hell-hole of their mother countries, then make the same hell-holes in civilized countries they escape to. Mind’

  5. Molly Pitcher says:

    The week in Pictures: the Strategery Edition

    Haven’t looked at them yet, but I expect some good ones…..

    • lysie says:


      The newspaper headlines are proof that today’s journalists and editors were NOT taught by my English teachers. That’s for sure. At one time I wanted to be a proof reader.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Yes, agreed…

      it’s very unsettled out there…we’ll be hit with a t-storm before the day ends, I bet. I worked outside, but in the shade, and sheltered from the wind, thank goodness

  6. tillacum says:

    Those were happy days, lysie. I remember my uncle taking us to Port Angeles, WA. We’d leave home around 0400, stop and have “breakfast” along a beach. He’d build a fire, “fry up” some bacon and eggs, we have hot coffee and home made bread. Sometimes the sand got in the eggs, but it was still fun and good. He’d call it roughin’ it.

  7. Molly Pitcher says:

    Those Sunday drives….no time for those anymore I guess, but in simpler times, there was. They must have been born in the early days of the automobile, perhaps interrupted by the depression, but continued …well…

  8. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

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