America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- November 29 , 2014 – November 30 , 2014 Remember 9/11 ( Weekend Edition)

Woohoo! It’s the last weekend of the month which means we are getting closer to spring. 🙂

More protests!
OPEC oil prices continue to drop.
O release5 of 5 Guantanamo prisoners.
FDA to weigh lifting ban on gay men donating blood.

0’s Assault on the Military Frontpage Mag.

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30 Responses to America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- November 29 , 2014 – November 30 , 2014 Remember 9/11 ( Weekend Edition)

  1. Prairie says:

    FDA to weigh lifting ban on gay men donating blood.

    Special. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. edinva says:

    The O strategy is simply to overwhelm and he’s doing a helluva job. Releasing more Gitmo prisoners so they can join ISIS. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong? Same with FDA making the nothing else BUT political decision about allowing gay men to give blood. We’ll see a rapid rise in ‘directed’ blood donations. Next up: taking thousands of Ebola patients and distributing them in our local and regional hospitals nationwide.

    I kinda understood the ‘do not touch/oppose’ when he was so enormously popular, but he isn’t any longer. And the election loss has sent him to another degree of deranged. Why doesn’t the GOP go after him now? Let’s see what happens, if anything, after Jan 4 or whatever day it is they’re sworn in and take majorities in both chambers.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day to close out the long holiday weekend. Today is a sort of bonus, as I’ve been a day ahead of myself all week, thinking FR was SA, SA was SU, etc. Last night’s concert was just marvelous. It was held in an old, historic Episcopal Church in Georgetown, founded 1794 by parishioners including Francis Scott Key, T. Jefferson, and others, and was based on the design of the Capitol (tho, really, a quite small church).

    Lysis, following your logic, we’re now only 3 weeks from the WInter Solstice, then again days will get longer!!! Getting dark @ 5pm makes me crazy. At least I’m not in a place that gets dark @ 3pm or worse, Barrows, AK, where it stays dark for months.

  3. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone. As a reminder to all of us….It’s SUNDAY Church day. 😉

  4. tillacum says:

    We’re down to 1 guest, he and Rog are doing the golf course walk. I’m here, but will be on the couch with my W E B Griffin book and watch some football.

    • Jemian says:

      Well, the football game did not work out the way I wanted. Oh, well. It’s STILL great to be an Auburn Tiger. War Eagle!

    • The Raven says:

      That was some shootout, Jem. Most points in Iron Bowl history (99). I didn’t see the game but read in the summary that Auburn had lots of INTs, but missed a couple of TD chances and kicked FGs instead. Still, a close game…..against #1 (with the despised former Vol’s coach, Lane Kiffen)

    • Jemian says:

      In a perverse way, I don’t mind losing. We gave a good enough accounting of ourselves and there is so much more to life than sports. We had a nice, not great, season and now we can move on. To me, bowl games are optional.

    • lysie says:

      Sorry about the game, Jem. My son and I were on opposite sides. Boo…he won.

  5. tillacum says:

    Some of my company is gone, I have 2 left, and they will be gone tomorrow. I’m in the process of moving things back where they were. It was a nice time for everyone, especially me. My nephew is such a neat guy, and his wife is a dream. Love the both. The off spring were fun and lively. We’ll see them next May, in CA. Now back to normal things and Christmas in South Texas. Life is fun.

  6. lysie says:

    Good morning, Molly and Rav.. Things are winding down here, too.

    Weather looks better so I may get to the grocery store….later.

    The “boys” were inside for 2 days because of the wet snowfall. WOW!! They are thrilled to be outside today. Rolling in the snow…chasing each other. 🙂

  7. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

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