America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- June 22, 2015 – June 26, 2015 Remember 9/1


I sure hope everyone had a good weekend…a wonderful Father’s Day.

In a Frenzy DC ahead of ruling

Barney Frank to join Bank Board

Let’s not stop with the Confederste flag Victor Davis Hanson

Clinton’s weakness in important states Michael Barone

0 prefers the lie to the truth Red State

We have officially reached peak Leftism NRO

Charleston’s quieter lessons RCP

Market indicator: Clinton won’t win Real Clear Markets

The twisted logic of Roberts’ ruling NY Post

SCOTUSCare and the Eric Cartman Presidency The Federalist

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101 Responses to America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- June 22, 2015 – June 26, 2015 Remember 9/1

  1. The Raven says:

    Morning quotes:

    “The Supreme Court is completely out of control, making laws on their own, and has become a public opinion poll instead of a judicial body … If we want to save some money, let’s just get rid of the court,”

    – Bobby Jindal

    The time has come, therefore, to recognize that the problem lies not with the lawless rulings of individual lawless justices, but with the lawlessness of the Court itself. The decisions that have deformed our constitutional order and have debased our culture are but symptoms of the disease of liberal judicial activism that has infected our judiciary. A remedy is needed that will restore health to the sick man in our constitutional system.

    – Ted Cruz – Constitutional Remedies to a Lawless Supreme Court

  2. The Raven says:

    Democrats in the news:

    Bob Beckel gone from FOX – prescriptive drug addiciton

  3. The Raven says:

    It is over.

    Same sex marriage OK’d by Supremes.


    Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court. The opinion in these cases is the furthest extension in fact—and the furthest extension one can even imagine—of the Court’s claimed power to create “liberties” that the Constitution and its Amendments neglect to mention. This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine, always accompanied (as it is today) by extravagant praise of liberty, robs the People of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Independence and won in the Revolution of 1776: the freedom to govern themselves

  4. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • The Raven says:

      Morning quote 1:

      The implications of all this are dangerous for the separation of powers and self-government. The Chief’s ruling will empower the executive branch to fiddle with or ignore the plain language of Congress—especially when led by a President like this one who will suspend or change laws at will. It will also encourage Congress to be even sloppier in writing legislation, knowing that the executive or a future Court will decide what it “really” meant to say.

      – WSJ ed. today on Roberts.

      Morning quote #2

      But unfortunately, other than that that, we don’t know much about John Roberts. Stealth nominees have never turned out to be a pleasant surprise for conservatives. Never. Not ever.

      And it makes no difference that conservatives in the White House are assuring us Roberts can be trusted. We got the exact same assurances from officials working for the last president Bush about David Hackett Souter.

      Ann Coulter column, 2005

      Morning quote #3

      “I mean, the chief justice took it upon himself to interpret the law again. He took it upon himself to say, ‘This is not what they meant. What they wrote, they didn’t mean this. What they meant by the state was the full-fledged federal government. Because our job here is not to disrupt things, and that would be a huge disruption.’ … The chief justice, however, taking it upon himself to interpret this law politically, not reviewing it judicially. That equals the full politicization of the court.”


      Morning cartoon

      Ramirez on Roberts

      [ / END ROBERTS RANT ]

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Excellent Roberts rant!

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Good morning! Thank you for breakfast ….maybe today will be better news wise? please, please…..

  5. The Raven says:

    Morning quote:

    “I’m going to say this slowly so that even Hillary Clinton can understand it”

    Bobby Jindal

  6. Molly Pitcher says:

    SCOTUS Blog. Big news today and tomorrow….

  7. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • The Raven says:

      Unbelievable. Rush said yesterday that the left wants not only the Confederate flag but also the American flag. My better half said Rush was off base and no one wants that. Well, it has started

    • lysie says:

      I saw that. And he’s someone people should listen to??? I’m afraid we are in some rough , really rough days ahead, still.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Delicious! Good morning everyone.

      Maybe the Left will take themselves over the cliff by advancing such crazy ideas. And the rest of us can carry on with what remains of our sanity.

    • mustknowhistory says:

      Have we removed all the statues of RE Lee yet? How ’bout Andrew Jackson? He has to go too. Look what he did to the Indians. Is the Jefferson Monument still there? And what about street names. This could go on and on…

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Southern Civil War reenactors…prosecuted.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Outlaw the Dem party, agent of slavery and Jim Crow

    • The Raven says:

      Here ya go molly

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      We have to do something yes, to put them on the defensive.

    • edinva says:

      lysie, just read about Sarah’s job offers. How wonderful! And how happy you all must be. Great news amidst not much else.

      I’ve returned from my annual NY/NJ trek, this year celebrating a Major Milestone birthday (70) with 6 women I went to high school with, including one who came over from Barcelona. We even had a birthday party with ‘gift’ exchanges. Only 1 candle per decade, due to fire code. I’m the newcomer, having met them first day of h.s. They went together thru elementary, and some kindergarten. All 7 of us spent the full week at a lovely home on the Jersey Shore, (NOT the Jersey Shore of tv fame), at a very family-friendly community where no chain restaurants or hotels are allowed, nor any high-rise hotels/apartments/condos. Tallest buildings on the island are the 3 story ‘upside down’ beach houses. Before that I enjoyed a few days in Manhattan with college friends, and went to the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, and also the new Whitney Museum and the “High Line” walk along what had been elevated railroad tracks, long since abandoned but refurbished as a lovely city park. Grand time every single minute of each day. So now it’s back to the salt mines!

      Shame on the Justices, especially Roberts. The opinion and American ‘law,’ such as it is, seems to be .. if enough people break a law long enough or if breaking it affects enough people, then it’s ‘woven into the fabric of America.’ Same theory as allowing what was once illegal aliens to just come on in! After the oral argument at the Court, I feared this would be the result. It’s a sad, sad day in American jurisprudence, and you just have to LOVE Scalia’s dissent. SCOTUScare, indeed.

      The gay ruling will probably come on Monday. It’s at least remotely possible the Justices will choose not to redefine an institution that’s been around a millennium or two. But let’s not count on it.

      Good to be back. Kinda.

    • lysie says:

      Happy birthday, ed and thank you. Sarah is up and ready to tackle another day with animals.

      It sounds like you had a great time with your friends. Good!!

  8. mustknowhistory says:

    ‘What’s going to happen between now and November 8 of next year will be a political campaign on one side of the aisle only. On the other side, it’s going to be something between a temper tantrum and a panic attack. That’s excellent news if you’re Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, or Carly Fiorina. It’s less good news if you live in Baltimore or Philadelphia.’


    • Molly Pitcher says:

      one party working overtime to divide and destroy.

    • The Raven says:

      Hillary is making voter ID the main campaign theme. And with Obama sprinkling illegal votes here and there – I’m afraid the Presidency and Senate is gone. No one will care about the economy anymore… will be tax the rich. It will be VATs and carbon taxes. It will be subsidies for the Democrat voter. It will be companies will have to contribute to Clinton Foundation for survival. It will be Communism.

    • lysie says:

      Sadly, all the dem candidates have to do is show their electorate “something shiny” and they will be back in the running.

  9. The Raven says:

    Interesting picture here
    Tons upon tons of herring entered one of the fjords in Iceland with poor water circulation and simply suffocated from lack of oxygen in the water.

  10. Prairie says:

    Good morning everybody. Today is my (almost) 6 week post-op appt. with the surgeon and if everything checks out we will be singing “On the Road Again” and heading north for cooler climes. If not, we’ve done a lot of loading and work for nothing, but we are hopeful. Speaking of surgeon, Raven’s link about the colonoscopy is quite telling. Telling in that recordings can be happening anywhere. Also telling in how the gastro-enterologist who is ultimately the one in charge should’ve stopped this with one word. It’s one thing for medical people to have an occasional inside joke to release stress of caring for patients but this is a reminder to keep it at a minimum…..or in the break room in a low voice. This, had turned into a three ring circus.

  11. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  12. The Raven says:

    I’ve had the book, The Black Book of Communism on my shelf for a while….maybe in this heat, I’ll start reading……you know how the left eventually decides that too many people is the problem and they start killing by the millions – China, Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc

    It outweighs the risks of global warming cooling and poverty combined

  13. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Well, that is perfect. Thank you …enjoying a full season at the camp? Are the people around who you met last year?

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      I think the last opinions of the year will be issued Thursday and Friday. 0 will be in Charlston Friday also. Tough, eventful day…

    • lysie says:

      Good morning, Molly. Yes. We have seen some people from last year. Rain today , but will be at the camp tomorrow.

      How are things with you?

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Better. Right now we are watching 3 big elk…wandering around eating their breakfast. And we are not in some remote mountain area, but a mountain-y town with traffic problems , homes and lots of people

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Aw, I feel so bad for Brian…not really.

      Ok, how is this sound?

      South Carolina’s leading politicianss, all Rs, reject the Confederate flag, longtime symbol of Dem supporting disunity and Dem supporting slavery.

      Powerline piece is endorsing this theme basically.

    • The Raven says:

      It is funny….when I lived in CT … I had a very lib neighbor……and her take on the civil war was it was all about economics…..not slavery. I have heard this from other libs as well. The reason for the propaganda was Lincoln was a Republican and the Dems were the South….big time pro-slavery. But when the confederate flag goes up…….they forget their own propaganda.
      But if I look up the civil war on wikipedia — the take is it was a war of slavery.

    • lysie says:

      The Confederate flag is part of our history… bad or good part, but a reminder of the past.

      Piers Morgan thinks white people who use the ‘N-Word’ should be jailed.

      How about banning or jailing people who use these!!???? Racist?? Such silliness!

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      It is confusing. I think a lot of historians see it as a war to maintain and preserve the Union at first, which evolved into a war to end slavery. Lincoln himself put it this way. He loathed slavery, but early on he said that in order to preserve the Union….if it took keeping slavery intact, he would do that to preserve the Union. The exigencies of the war as it continued year after year ultimately changed the war’s aim to abolishing slavery AND preserving the Union.

      The economic argument was always a pro Southern argument because various apologists saw northern wage earners as equivalent to slaves. See? Wage slaves…early left wingers in a way…

  14. The Raven says:

    I’m sorry to say….I think my dog is a Democrat. She pretends to be a victim to get attention and she sleeps most of the day. When it’s time for food she gets indignant and barks incessantly. She poops in the neighbor’s yard when they are outside and watching.

  15. The Raven says:

    – 10 People Shot In Philadelphia
    – – – –
    – Former major league NY Mets outfielder and MLB Network analyst Darryl Hamilton murdered in Texas
    – – – – –
    – And answers AP’s photo of Cruz and the gun with this image of Obama under his quote “I spend most of my time on the economy.”

  16. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone. Thanks for the start, Molly.

  17. The Raven says:

    Interesting….Trump a lib? or useful idiot? – John Fund.

    Or is he just a victim of left PC?

    Meanwhile … the two Clinton Prison escapees are now thought to be back at the prison area.

    And the Supremes this week will either proclaim law is still practiced here or that they have succumbed to the political left. And an appropriate quote:

    Above (an innumerable crowd of similar and equal men) arises an immense and tutelary power that alone takes charge of assuring their enjoyment and of looking after their fate. It works willingly for their happiness; but it wants to be the unique agent for it and the sole arbiter; it attends to their security, provides for their needs, facilitates their pleasures, conducts their principal affairs, directs their industry, settles their estates, divides their inheritances, how can it not remove entirely from them the trouble to think and the difficulty of living?”

    Alexis De Tocqueville

  18. Molly Pitcher says:

    Had to make it short since I am dealing with effects of altitude out here in the high country. Lovely area, but somewhat harsh with all the wind, dryness, sun…

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