America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- June 4 , 2016 – June , 5 2016 Remember 9/11 ( Weekend Edition)

There seems to be a disturbing trend in our area. Acres and acres of beautiful farmland are bought by developers and multi unit apartments are built.

With high unemployment , who is renting these upscale apartments? Do welfare recipients qualify for these apartments?

My dream is to “hit it big” and buy acres and acres of farmland with the idea of saving it from such a fate.

Where would we be without our farmers?

Changing her mind about Guns

The Left’s Double Standard about Political Violence

A Weekend in Chicago

California to extend 0Care to Illegals


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22 Responses to America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- June 4 , 2016 – June , 5 2016 Remember 9/11 ( Weekend Edition)

  1. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone. Sorry I took off like I did yesterday. Greg wanted to go fishing. I went to the camp with him. Still, no internet connection there.

    • The Raven says:

      I was reading the above post on the left’s double std on violence. I think there’s more to it. As in, an ORGANIZED attempt at baiting the Trumpers to fight back. or even worse. The protesters know there’s no guns at a secret service guarded event. And the crime comes from the secret organizing including trying to blame it on Trump. As the NY Post ed says:

      “… Nothing in Trump’s rhetoric remotely justifies this violence. It’s an assault not simply on fans of the candidate, but on the right of free assembly, the right of free speech — that is, on democracy itself”

      The media certainly won’t even think of investigating the roots of this (they probably are in on it), so it would behoove the RNC to hire a group of hot shot undercover detectives to infiltrate the ranks of the illegals and see what’s going on.

    • lysie says:

      Rav, no doubt in my mind the libs are hoping the Trump supporters turn aggressive.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Well, good morning!

      I’m going to take a page from Raven’s book and offer a quote from John Dos Passos:

      We have to remember, before it is too late, that this nation was founded not to furnish glamorous offices for politicians, or to produce goods and services, or handouts of easy money, but to produce free men.

      One of my favorite writers recently produced an essay on Dos Passos…from the mid 20th century….he was a Leftist who saw the light, and then wrote with great clarity and foresight. Here is another quote:

      If there is one thing that mankind should have learned from the agonies of the last four decades it is that it’s never safe to do evil that good may come of it. The good gets lost and the evil goes on.

    • lysie says:

      Liberal thinking is mind boggling to me , Molly. I get confused with their way of thinking.

    • The Raven says:

      Liberal thinking? Haha

      Here’s a quote for you

      There is an old Russian fable, with different versions in other countries, about two poor peasants, Ivan and Boris. The only difference between them was that Boris had a goat and Ivan didn’t. One day, Ivan came upon a strange-looking lamp and, when he rubbed it, a genie appeared. She told him that she could grant him just one wish, but it could be anything in the world. Ivan said, “I want Boris’ goat to die.”

      -Thomas Sowell

    • lysie says:

      Hahaha! Perfect example of lib thinking.

    • The Raven says:

      Lysie….the libs are doing more than hoping the Trump supporters turn aggressive they are planning it. There’s a crime being committed and they are doing it only on friendly territory.
      And Molly…loved those quotes. Already got them on my Freeper quote page

    • tillacum says:

      Good Morning Everyone. I liked the quotes and thoughts. I remember eons ago, a quote,
      “Evil begets evil.” Communists are good riots producers. Remember the beginning of these riots, the first one is connected to Bernie, and one was connected to Shrillery. Talk about sleeze, I’ve yet to hear a reporter blame the riots on the liberal group. They keep repeating someone’s accusation that the riots are caused by Donald Trump and as a side, on Republicans/conservatives.

    • lysie says:

      Good morning, till.

    • The Raven says:

      I thought Obama was going to thoroughly condemn the anti-Trumpers but then he couldn’t help himself:

      “It is very important for us to remind ourselves of who we are and what is best about American democracy, and not slip into some of the bad habits that currently manifest themselves in the other party,”

      – Obama’s teleprompter

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Evening everyone….the Sowell quote is great, and sure illustrates the falseness, the destructive envy of the Left leaning mind

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      The Indians swept the World Champion Royals…let that sink in…the team seems to have a couple or maybe even 3, players this year who really spark everyone…been a long time since I’ve seen that.

  2. edinva says:

    lysie, you are such a culinary inspiration!! I made waffles this am, would not have but for you.

  3. edinva says:

    G’day, all
    We’re also on the rain train, with T-storms expected both this afternoon and tmo afternoon .. and we are supposed to go out to a little rural VA town for a baby shower that I’m sure they planned to be outdoors. C’est la guerre.
    Molly, your take was very insightful on farming. My DH grew up in Montgomery County, MD. He remembers when most of the real estate in the county was farms, esp. dairy farms. As the government grew so, too, did Montgomery County. All those bureaucrats gotta live somewhere! What the county govt did, tho, was to designate certain properties for farming and gave a significant tax break to those farmers who chose to stay and farm rather than sell their land for development. One of L’s 2nd cousins still farms on property that has been in the family since before the AmRev (I think the 1740s). He’s turned the family farm into a very successful “pick your own” that appeals to the suburbanites who like to live in/near the city but be able to go out and play country for a day and end up with fresh fruits and veggies. So that’s one resolution that should be looked at across the country before it’s too late.
    On the political front, it’s unimaginable that police would stand back and watch these illegal alien thugs attack the Trump supporters, while waving Mexican flags and burning American flags. What has become of this country? There are times I am extremely grateful to be so old that I won’t have to see where it is in 20-30 years if the decline continues at this rate. When I lived in SoCal in the late-70s, I remember driving on I-5 from Newport Beach to San Diego and seeing Border Patrol cars returning border jumpers back to Mexico. When’s the last time that happened? The judge(s) who overturned the popular vote in CA (Prop 187) should rot in hell. The damage they’ve caused is incalculable.

  4. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Very good….thank you lysie….rain expected here shortly. After so many days of dryness it will be different.

      Raven…yes lots of rain in Paris, etc….saving priceless art in the Louvre was a priority..

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Thank you for your appreciation of farmers! It is a hard life for sure, full of much work and some years…not much reward due to the vagaries of nature. One of my cousins whose father remained a farmer in the family tradition said her father was depressed most of his life , worried so much.

      One thing to remember about development, tho, is that at some point an operation can be non-profitable for too long, and an offer from a developer is a life saver for that family. Also: Agriculture as a general rule is becoming more and more productive, so it takes less land to produce the corn, soybeans, etc.
      My heart goes out to the western ranchers….for them, government and the grazing stipulations and environmentalists are the enemy to worry about.

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