Am renewing my interest in and use of WordPress

I don’t recall if AMERICATHERIGHTWAY is someone else’s blog I’m following or one of my forgotten ones. Silly me.


I guess I can find out one way or another.


What’s the current thoughts on the horrid SElection confronting our Republic?



About daaixin

Christian Creative Caring Complex Calibrator Camera user Camper not as much any more Candid Cantankerous occasionally Canvassing tendencies sociologically, psychologically Capacities to care tend to be huge Capital--preciious lttle Capitalist--for sure--but overly generous which results in just above. Capsulate--can, with effort Caption--Shrillery Klintoon et al? Easily Career Lover--in Jesus' Name Caricature--fierce ones when provoked Carpenter--when have to at home . . . mostly rough furniture Case worker . . . informally now . . . semi-retired prof Cashews--love em Castigate--when called for Catalyst--often--diverse interests and friends Catastrophes . . . plenty coming in these END TIMES Catchy--sometimes Categorize--sure--6 years as a librarian fosters that Catheter--might be handy given all the tea I drink. Cause--have a lot of Christian and conservative causes I care for Caustic--sometimes perceived so Cautious--depends on context and issues Cavort--rarely in life and certainly not at my 60 age Celebrate--occasionally--usually be writing emails Censor--when necessary. Evil needs censored within & without Centralist? No . . . way. Cereal--oats, Cheerios, shredded wheat . . . Cerebral--often considered too much so for my own good Certain--Often considered too much so for others comfort Certifiable--opponents would like to think so. Cessationist--no . . . . way am I a cessatationist or a replacementarian Chaff--lots of it in religious circles and in life. Chairman--of Univ dept for a year Champion--often of the downtrodden and ignored, the hurting Chapeau--ball cap usually. Sometimes cowboy straw hat Character--in abundance, atypical, unhidable, some think insufferably Characterize--fluidly, vociferously Charisma--Often too fiesty otherwise to be seen as having such Chat--depends--if substantive--love it Charismatic--Christian type--yup from traditional Pentecostal Cheddar--love Tillamuk Cheerful--more so than not but in a subdued way Chef--occasionally Cherish--lots of people Chenille--love weaving with it Chicken--like eating it Chromatic--like lots of color--blue, red, purple, white CHRISTmas--not the huge thrill it is for some but glad there's such a day to celebrate HIM Cinema--don't often go. Fast forwad thru ugly painful parts with DVD's Cinnamon--love it Citizen--active Clarify--can--sometimes clarifications need translation Clear-sighted--most seem to think so. Often see things others miss Clemency--quickly forgiving. Still, sometimes consequences are fitting Close--to many loved ones--Godsons and daughters Enough already yet
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