America-the-Right-Way-Staying-Vigilant September 3 , 2016- September 4 , 2016 Remember-9-11-Weekend-Edition/

Oh dear! Hurricane Hermine may regain strength and hit the the East Coast again. Prayers up.

Take if for what it is worth (note:all the media’s inaccuracies) A news station in NYC is reporting that Hillary may drop from the race due to campaign staff resigning.

A record breaking galaxy cluster some Sat. a.m. science

Some FBI interview!

Hillary shoulda studied Jiu-jitsu, not yoga

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36 Responses to America-the-Right-Way-Staying-Vigilant September 3 , 2016- September 4 , 2016 Remember-9-11-Weekend-Edition/

  1. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  2. The Raven says:

    Morning quote:

    I first grasped what Stalinist life was [like from] Wolfgang Leonhard … his autobiography tells a story, set during the Great Purges, about some families in a communal apartment who are awakened at 4 a.m. (the usual time for arrests) by a peremptory banging at the door. Finally one old man, with less life left to lose, answers, disappears into the corridor, and at last returns. “Comrades, relax!” he explains. “The house is on fire!”

    – Northwestern professor Gary Saul Morson – from WSJ’s Notable & Quotable

  3. The Raven says:

    Well, War Eagle, you gave ’em a scare. Came down to the last play. Good for you. Tough opponent. You probably knocked them from #2.

    I’m looking at what ‘Bama did and thinking we may have a rough going with them in October. Shoot. How do they do it, year after year?

  4. edinva says:

    Rav, really quick and funny comment about the 11 billion years old news!

    I’d checked the weather forecast last weekend for Labor Day weekend. Was supposed to be just about perfect. Well then along came Hermine. It won’t come near here, but it is overcast and a little windy. DD and family went to a beachy place in VA (the “Northern Neck” which should be safe but rain/wind, etc). We’re sticking close to home. As always. One of my friends lives on Long Island, NY, no more than a mile inland from the ocean, if that. She’s getting concerned, after having lived thru Sandy (that did NO damage to her property).

    How convenient for the FBI to release Hillary’s emails the Friday before a long holiday weekend. I’m surprised anyone was at the FBI. Must have been on some sort of automatic release. As I noted elsewhere, you could have shot a cannon thru any govt office building in DC yesterday and not hit anyone. Nonetheless, there’s so much damning info there, but will it get covered or covered up? Oh, let’s just take a guess on that. Shows, among other things, Huma knew about the private server, but told FBI agents she didn’t. The Romanian hacker (Guccifer?) released emails showing Pelosi knew the film story about Benghazi was a fabrication. I’m beginning to wonder if there is a single honest bone in any of their bodies. Corrupt liars, one and all.

    Good luck with your game, Jem, so glad you were able to figure out how to view online. Isn’t it an amazing world we live in now? How far technology has come in such a short time.

    Y’all have a wonderful day.

    • lysie says:

      Have a great day, too, ed.

    • Jemian says:

      Thanks for the good wishes. Those winds you are feeling are likely hurricane sounds. They are such big storms and the outer edges extend amazingly far. I find them thrilling and terrifying all at the same time.

      I wondered about the info dump. Hubby also asked why? Why did the FBI release the docs and why now? Also, Julian Assange isn’t through yet himself. The movie ain’t over yit, folks. Tone for more popcorn.

  5. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

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