America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- February 27, 2017 – March 3, 2017 Remember 9/11


Did you know that Chicago named a street after a murdering FALN terrorist?
Why not Che Guevara? Or Mohammed Atta?

Chicago names street after terrorist

The columnist Andrew Klavan wonders where is Congress? Where is Waldo? Being awfully quiet….doing anything productive to advance the new Presidents agenda….?

Will we see another week of strong advances on Wall Street?

Liberalism’s Fake sense of Morality

Perez, Ellison, and Anti-Semitism of the Left Caroline Glick

The Metaphysics of Trump Victor Davis Hanson

An Extraordinary Speech, but WaPo still unhappy

The Night the Dem Party Died?

No Matter How Hard the Haters Squeal Townhall

Law and Order Under New Management Heather MacDonald

Soros’s Smear Scripts Frontpage Mag

Immigration Facts on the Ground moving in Trump’s Direction MIchael Barone

Under Constant Oppo Pressure Am. thinker

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72 Responses to America the Right Way -Staying Vigilant- February 27, 2017 – March 3, 2017 Remember 9/11

  1. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Hello lysie. Thanks for breakfast. Hope you are planning a restful weekend, & the syrup project is going well.

    • lysie says:

      Good morning , Molly. You are welcome.

      This year’s syrup making did not produce a lot….maybe 3/4 of a gallon. The warm weather didn’t help. Still, it’s enough for us.

      Today Greg will be bowling in a tournament with former work buddies. After that, we are headed to the Turning Stone for a Travis Tritt concert. Yippee!

    • The Raven says:

      So…how far do you think the illegal taping of Republicans extended under Obama? This could be the crime of the century. Maybe Sessions can announce he’s seeking to tape Democrats. Need to get to the bottom of this.

    • lysie says:

      Agree, Rav. Whenever a lib point the finger towards someone else you just know they did the same AND much worse.

      How was your b’day? The Mrs. Rav spoil you?

    • The Raven says:

      She got me Reeses’ Peanut Butter easter eggs

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Off your diet for the day, then? Enjoy them. I love choc. Easter eggs…not the peanut butter ones, tho.

    • The Raven says:

      Ah hah—-last night Mark Levin called for an investigation LINK

      PS – I just stare at the eggs

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Suuuure you do…..

  2. Prairie says:

    Hello everybody. I just typed out a newsy, catch-up post which somehow disappeared. Will just say “Howdy”, I guess. Happy Birthday Raven.

  3. Molly Pitcher says:

    This attack on Sessions is disturbing my barely -achieved equilibrium.

    • lysie says:

      Very disturbing. I saw this quote:

      Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.): “I have,” Manchin said. “I have met with the Russian ambassador with a group in my capacity, with a group of other senators.”
      More here.

    • lysie says:

      On a happier note. Ben Carson has been confirmed…passing the vote 62-37.

      Senate Roll Call vote.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Yes, as was Zenke (Interior) earlier this week

    • edinva says:

      The 37 that voted against Dr Carson should be outed, shamed, drawn and quartered. For starts.

      G’day all. Made it on time every step of the way out to Long Island, NY. Wednesday in VA was 80 degrees, today maybe mid 30s both here and in DC. Cherry blossom “peak” date moved to one of the earliest ever, before the festial begins. Mot flowering trees in VA/DC are already in bloom. Pretty but doomed. Oh, well.

      Visiting a woman I went to college with who I come to see every summer. Like the blossoms, this year’s visit is early. SInce last I was here she had a serious heart attack and is now going to therapy but is recovering well and I hope she’s around (me, too) for another 25 years. My other friend who’s surgery today is the basis for this trip is at the hospital and scheduled surgery (if on time) just begun. Prayers out for its success. I hope she didn’t put it off too long and that her leg heals well and straight. Her cousin drove her to the hospital this morning and his wife accompanied them, and will stay at the hospital till she’s out of recovery. She will call/text me when it’s over.

      The mess with AG Sesions is truly DEPORABLE. He’s long been my favorite Senator. Just such a gentleman, smart, anything you could ask for in a public servant. Leave it to the Dems to try to smear and trash him. Their hate will ultimately do them in, not Sessions or Trump.

      Happy birthday, again, Rav .. hopefully now I’ve got the right date. Hope it’s wonderful for you.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Take care, ED. you will be so helpful to your dear friend!

  4. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  5. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Thanks for breakfast lysie and good morning! Did you watch Trump’s Speech last night?

    • The Raven says:

      I DVR’ed the speech and will watch it later this morning. From what I’ve read it was a home run.

      Morning quote:

      Before a rule can take effect the federal agency in question must submit a Congressional report.

      Initial sentence in the Congressional Review Act. Thousands of rules and federal guidances can be discarded with Trump’s pen and phone as they had no Congressional report.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Good. Sure hope he tackles the pen then

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      I have been reading about the new Dem Party leader, Perez…he is just as Left as Ellison, and he chose Ellison as his deputy leader.

  6. Molly Pitcher says:

    Left wing “tolerance” on display again

    And no doubt there will be some Dems boycotting the Presidents address tonite.

    • edinva says:

      Marxine Waters already announced she won’t attend because she knows she wouldn’t be able to control herself. hahahahaha. OMG, these people are absolutely bat-do crazy! I don’t know how President Trump will be able to carry on without her there.

      Others are apparently either bringing illegal aliens, not attending, or not reaching out to the aisle to shake his hand. Remember how Sheila Jackson Lee always got there HOURS early so she’d be on the aisle to shake (even) President Bush’s hand? I’m going to watch this. Right now the copters are buzzing madly over DD’s house, a few blocks from the Capitol. It’s hell up there when the POTUS addresses a joint session. These are the most fun times I’ve had in this town since Reagan was in office. The discomfort on the left is too delicious not to savor.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      It is so crazy. How about the to-do over The Photo ? I do wish Conway hadn’t been so casual, but such an outcry?? C’mon.

  7. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone.

  8. edinva says:

    G’day, all

    Jem, do I take it you’re awaiting the stork?? He hasn’t arrived yet, right?

    Molly, don’t give Chicago any ideas!! They may hold off on Atta for a while, but Che is a big hero among the far left, a component of which runs the WIndy City.

    Did anyone watch the hysterical disaster known as the Academy Awards last night? OMG .. gotta just love karma. Idiots. So self-important, so full of hate for our president they couldn’t even read a card ..when their careers and the vast fortunes they are paid depends on reading what other people write. Couldn’t have happened to a better bunch.

    The Spring/Summery weather has taken a respite here. It’s not really COLD, but feels very chilly after the 70s last week. Only 50s, but still it’s February in the Mid-Atlantic, so compared to many years pretty balmy.

    I leave for NY on Thursday. One of my lifelong friends is having knee replacement on Friday and I’ll stay with her upon release, playing home nurse. Hoping I don’t mess up. Another friend who still lives in the area called yesterday to inform that she’ll be cooking a week’s worth of dinners for us and will bring over once we get back to town. I’ll be there thru the 14th when the patient’s cousin will come in from CA to relieve me of nursing duties. Then a day in the Big Apple and hopefully a B’way show before returning home. At least the weather there is holding up and forecast seems relatively calm. They’ve been battered with snow this winter, but that seems to have taken its respite as well.

    BUT before I get outta here, have a LOT of work to get over and done with… and miscellaneous DH-related things like a doc appt, grocery shopping, and getting car serviced. Maybe even a little house cleaning. Nah. The “kids” will see to entertaining dear old dad while I’m gone. They’re good about that and while they (2 of them, anyway) haven’t quite forgiven us for voting for Trump as opposed to the smartest and most wonderful woman who’s ever graced the face of the Earth, they DO seem to care about our well-being.

  9. lysie says:

    Good morning everyone. Thanks for the start, Molly.

    Unreal…or maybe not…naming the street after a terrorist. How Chicago-like of them.

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