America The Right Way — The Gardening Edition!!!

[We can put posts here about the stuff youse guys like to stick in the ground and then fret over endlessly. It would work like the Recipes section — either make individuals contributors who can post, or just have everyone post comments with their stuff.]



20 Responses to Gardening

  1. Nita says:

    I need to quit thinking in straight lines when I garden…flowers should be placed differently than veggies.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      I love to look at the plantings near office parks, shopping complexes…& get some ideas from those too!

      Hi Nita. Hope it’s a good gardening season for you. My main project this summer is to get EXISTING beds to a lower maintenance stage….then, and only then, can I think about creating ANOTHER bed.

    • tillacum says:

      With coming of fall, I’m going to try flowers and cool weather veggies together. I’ve seen some fantastic articles where they have been grown together.

  2. tillacum says:

    The onions, cabbage and garlic are in the garden. The yukon potatoes are in tires and pots. I’ll be sprinkling in some nastursums and marigolds. I’m getting ready to put the straberries in the insulated tower then plant something around the tower, maybe some beets and radishes. We’re getting the long garden ready and put Ky Blue beans and peas in there. Our neighbor is getting a corner of the pasture ready to plant something, I do know he’s going to plant corn, but what else??? We’ll see. I’ll give him some beans and peas if he wants them

  3. Molly Pitcher says:

    Coming soon to your neighborhood

    • tillacum says:

      I don’t know birds, but do know Robins, haven’t seen one yet. We do have a bunch of tiny birds, no, not Humming birds, they’ll be here in late March, so all the feeders will come down and I’ll be soaking them in soap and clorax.

      Today is potatoe planting day and soil amending day. I’m checking some “old” seed, so far only one shows signs of sprouting..oh well, there’s always WallyMart. I’m starting my Asian Noodle beans, getting them in a 3 or 4 inch pot, and as soon as they pop their little heads above soil level, into the raised garden they will go. I’m also trying some English peas this year in the spring garden.

      I’m thinking of starting a community garden somewhere here, don’t know where, but will ask the county ag office and the city commisioners for help finding a spot and cultivating it. I’ve been reading and thinking of one for a couple of years, so this year we’ll see if we can do it.

  4. tillacum says:

    I haven’t been to Sams in awhile. I think tomorrow we’re going to Waco and I’ll take a look around. I need to get over to Home Depot too. I understand they have cocoanut coir, better than peatmoss. It’ll be good in the raised gardens and my pots. It’s supposed to hold water better.
    You should see one of my strawberry tubes, I covered it with insulation foam then painted it, it will hide among the trees. I’m doing the same thing to a couple more tubes. One tube, I’m going to plant some lettuces of various colors. It’s fun being a non gardener.

    • tillacum says:

      Getting ready to plant my potatoes in my tires and want to try planting some in hay. Putting some peas in grow pots and beans too. I bought some Asian Red Noodle beans and some other yard long beans.

  5. tillacum says:

    Jemian, I think the end of Feb would be a good time to send the rose of shannon. By then I’ll have the area ready. My little buddy and I will be hard at work as soon as it warms up, probably by next week. That back yard will look sooo good.
    Some years ago we planted the seed of a wild peach. I’ll tell you, it is wild. The tiny peaches are sweet as can be but the tree is huge. I’m going to cut it back this month and see what happens.
    As soon as Burgess sends me the stuff to burn tree roots, the work along the fence will begin. The pile of stones and broken cement blocks in the corner will be covered with earth and we’ll have a mini rock garden. I’ll plant some of Carolina Mom’s money seeds, some seedum and other goodies and let’er rip.

  6. tillacum says:

    Is that your back yard? If it is,,WOW. Mine looks like something happened back there, and it wasn’t good. But this year I’m digging up, amending, planting and getting rid of some stumps.

    I am in the process of putting some seeds in pots for spring planting. Ordering more seeds and some stump burn or whatever it is. It doesn’t flame, but does burn out the stump. We’ll see. I’m getting it from Burgess.

    • queenie says:

      I envy you, till. Too early here to plant anything, even inside.
      I do have blooming begonias and geraniums in my walk-out basement. I bring in a few pots each fall and have been able to put them outside each spring.

    • Jemian says:

      I was wondering, Till, if it is too early to ship those Rose of Sharon plants. When is a good planting time in your zone?

      Queenie, I’m thinking it is way too early for you. But if you’re ready now, I can ship.

    • queenie says:

      Thanks, Jem.
      End of April, first part of May would be good.

  7. Molly Pitcher says:

    I wish it were! Next summer, maybe I’ll post some pics. That would be cool….I don’t know where this is…maybe I can go back and find out…not sure..

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