Newbies’ Corner

Holy forum, Batman!! I’m here, what do I do now???

Just as in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the advice is the same: DON’T PANIC! (The fresh towel is optional.) Just peruse the accumulated knowledge of the ages below, and somewhere you’ll find what you need to know.

One word of advice: YOU control a lot of your own destiny here (especially with your user name, etc.), so it would behoove you to firgure out how to change your own stuff. Also, it won’t hurt to click on things to see what they are, especially the ‘page’ links in the heading to the blog — you already clicked a page link to get here.

So onward we go!


31 Responses to Newbies’ Corner

  1. Jemian says:

    OK. We’ve been at this new location for several weeks now. Frankly, I’m finding it challenging to follow the conversation. In theory, I like having topic and subsequent discussion together.

    The problem I’m having is finding a chronological thread and making sure that I have read all the latest bits of information w/o having to scroll through the whole darn thing. Also, I am a bit intimidated by deciding whether my tidbit of a thought should be a “main” reply, thus appearing at the top, or a “sub-reply” appearing below another poster’s pearls of wisdom.

    I’ve thought of suggesting a numbering system, but that seems silly and a bit unworkable. We have the dates on our posts. That is also cumbersome. At this point I’m thinking that I like the idea of just going to a single tier posting system with the new replies showing at the bottom of the thread. That would enable me to find where in the thread I left off and help me to keep up with and respond to newer posts.

    I don’t have an answer but maybe we can discuss it and come up with a ….. CONSENSUS!!!!!

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Hi Jemian….thanks for the comments…maybe others will add some thoughts too.

      I’m not really having any problems myself…I do like to reply clearly to certain comments, and find this feature very attractive….but am good if we eliminate it …there are always trade-offs.

      Let me think about it…

  2. Nita says:

    How do youse guys do that bold thingie on peoples name?

  3. mozartlover says:

    Hi Bit,

    2 quick questions, and if you could provide answers as simple & idiot-proof as possible I’d appreciate it:

    1.) How do I PM someone?

    2.) How do I post pictures?

    Signed, The Idiot.

    • Bitwhacker says:


      1. Ain’t got no Private Mail here, sorry. One of the things you can do is to go to your Gravatar page and update your contact info with a public e-mail address that everybody can see, including ATRW’ers, who can then e-mail you at the address they can see. I suggest you create a separate Yahoo or Gmail account for this and DO NOT use your private e-mail address unless you don’t care if total strangers start e-mailing you with possibly obscene stuff.

      2. Use the IMG tag to post pics like you do everywhere else, and remember to put the URL to the pic in double quotes for trouble-free pic posting. You already have the privileges to post pics.

    • mozartlover says:

      By image tag, do you mean html, as at FR? ‘Cuz in other places I do it differently….

    • Bitwhacker says:

      Yep. Use the < IMG SRC= html code like other places. You can do it in other ways but that's the simplest.

    • mozartlover says:

      K. I’ll try it on the main thread.

      One more question: How do I change my clock to CST?

    • Bitwhacker says:

      I don’t think there is a way to change your personal display of time zone — the only setting for time zone is for the entire Blog…But in your honor I just modified the date and time format to show EST so you’ll know you’re off by an hour… πŸ˜‰

    • mozartlover says:

      Okay, one more question: (I imagine this info. might be on the site somewhere; I freely admit I am too lazy to look it up.): Is there any way I can flip the page so the older comments are at the top and the newest is at the bottom?

    • mozartlover says:

      p.s. Thanks for adding the EST; that does help (reminds me to subtract an hour.)

    • Bitwhacker says:

      Nope again — we talked about whether to have newest on top or oldest, and what you see is what we came up with given the choices available. And, you have to admit, what we got was pretty damned good, considering it was FREE. Did I mention, it was FREE???? And, oh by the way, we would have paid for it to be different, but we decided we could live with…..wait for it…. FREE!!!!

      Not very noble, but very economical, and it ain’t so bad the way it is, considering how much was paid for it… Oh, never mind… πŸ˜‰

    • Bitwhacker says:

      Now Mozie, I owe you an apology, because I make it sound like you were privy to what we decided early on around here. Suffice it to say, I will make changes as much as I can to make this thing operate as close to what you were used to as possible, but in some cases, we won’t be able to provide the same functionality.

      Just hang in there and we will see what we can make happen…and some of that might require us to sign up for more than we got now… πŸ˜‰

    • mozartlover says:

      Oh Bit, you don’t owe me an apology. I was more curious than anything; the set-up is fine the way it is.

      I was going to ask you about expenses; ‘cuz if youse guys need some $$$ to keep things going let me know; but if it’s truly FREE that’s even better!

  4. dollycali says:

    Good morning.

    Bit.. you have done an exceptional job setting this up! Great work

  5. Bitwhacker says:

    ABOUT A WEEK LATER: I subscribed to the blog, but now I don’t want all these e-mails and I can’t turn it off!!!

    Well, this feature is not easy to use — It’s not obvious how to unsubscribe. But it’s OK: You can turn off the e-mails being sent.

    Here’s how:

    First, if you go to the Manage My Subscriptions page and see ATRW in the list, then you are still subscribed. You can unsubscribe right there and then by clicking the ‘X’ at the end of the blog name (it will turn RED when your mouse goes over it). That’s it, you’re done!

    You can stay subscribed but turn off the e-mail by changing the ‘An email to my inbox’ to ‘Never’. Then go to Subscription Settings and change the Default Delivery Methods, Email Delivery option to ‘No Email Delivery’ and set the Jabber option to ‘Disabled’ — and don’t forget to click the Save Settings button.

    And finally, if you are still getting e-mail and just want it to go away, then go to Subscription Settings and in the Block Emails section, click the ‘Block all subscription emails from’ checkbox and click Save Settings.

    Read more about it Here.

  6. Bitwhacker says:

    DAY FOUR: I can’t post links or pictures!!!

    Well, Skippy, you got yerself a privileges problem.

    We have 3 types of users:

    Admin β€” Basically G-d of the blog. πŸ˜‰

    Editor β€” Can create, edit, delete and publish any post.

    Author β€” Can create, edit, delete and publish only their own posts.

    Contributor β€” can create, edit, and delete their own posts, but needs an Editor or Admin to publish it. Generally can’t publish links or pics.

    Everyone by default is a Contributor starting out — because mostly everybody just comments. If you need to do links or pics, then you need to kindly ask Lysie or Molly (or, if you have an extra case of beer, moi) to upgrade your bad self to at least Author, and then you can post whatever.

  7. Bitwhacker says:

    DAY THREE-ALMOST-MIDNIGHT: Yeah, you think you’re so cute with the help posts — where do I find the REAL Help documentation??? Hmmm???

    Glad you asked — it’s right here:

    Support on changing profile, general user: Support

    Change your Display Name: Changing Your User Name

    Two video How-To’s for Gravatars:
    Gravatars β€” What they are and why you should use one
    Gravatars 2-Getting a gravatar working

    Tutorials and video How-To’s

  8. Bitwhacker says:

    DAY THREE-AND-A-HALF: What’s with this Moderation stuff? Don’t you like me? or I’ve already been Moderated — why are you doing it to me AGAIN???

    You’re a peach dear, but we have to safeguard against trolls, and the way we do that is by forcing moderation of EVERYONE’S first Comment or Post. In that way, we can see if you really are who you said you are when you registered. You’d be surprised at how many people want to just be total morons and ruin everyone’s day for the sake of a little entertainment.

    ALSO NOTE: YOU WILL REQUIRE MODERATION *AGAIN* ANY TIME YOU CHANGE YOUR DISPLAY NAME!!! Changing your Display name resets the Have-you-been-moderated flag — because, you know, we like to inflict pain. πŸ˜‰

    And as an added bonus: Your Comment will get thrown into moderation if you have more than 5 links in it OR if you try to post a pic and we didn’t give you sufficient capability to do that. Because, well, it’s an inconvenience to YOU but to us admins, your predicament is OUR entertainment! HA!

  9. Bitwhacker says:

    DAY THREE: What’s with these Comments? My Comments aren’t going to the right place!

    And, my, aren’t we picky?

    First, some terminology: We have Threads, and we have Comments. Threads are the things Molly and Lysie create for an entire week (aka Daily thread), Sat-Sun (aka Weekend thread), or special occasion (aka Holiday thread).

    Unless you are an Admin or some other trustee of this asylum, you will be adding Comments (just like you did in the old days).

    There are currently TWO levels of Comments on a thread:

    Top-Level Comment: This is a reply to the thread; it is not indented and corresponds to no other comment. YOU NEED TO GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND USE THE REPLY AREA DOWN THERE TO ENTER A TOP-LEVEL COMMENT!!!

    Replies to Comments: This is a Comment that you enter in response to another person’s Comment. It gets indented below the Comment you are responding to. YOU ENTER A REPLY COMMENT BY CLICKING THE REPLY LINK UNDER THE COMMENT YOU ARE REPLYING TO.

    Do NOT click the reply link to another person’s comment UNLESS you want your comment to appear as a reply to that person’s comment. Go to the bottom of the page to enter a top-level comment. Get it?

    This blog has the ability to have multiple levels of comments, to the point that it can go many, many levels deep. We kept it at only one level of reply-comments because we thought it was too confusing to track new comments otherwise. There is a poll on the right side of the Home page asking what you think about it — take the poll to say what you think.

    • Bitwhacker says:

      This is an example of a Reply-Comment, entered by clicking the Reply link under the Comment above.

      The Comment above is an example of a Top-Level Comment, entered by using the Comment area at the bottom of the page.

      Kapisch? πŸ˜‰

  10. Bitwhacker says:

    DAY TWO: But I don’t like the Mystery Man pic displayed for my Gravatar, and everybody else has all these cool thumbnails displaying for them!

    Same as with your Display Name: You click on your Profile, click My Account, then Edit My Profile, and then: My Images. Now you’re gonna have to upload an image from your own computer, so if you DON’T have a pic handy but you know where one is, do a Save As on that pic and remember where you saved it on your hard disk. (If you don’t know how to do Save As on a pic located somewhere else on the internet, then you don’t have any business trying to change your Gravatar pic. πŸ˜‰ ).

    OK, now that you got your pic on your computer, go back to the My Account page (go ahead and navigate to it again — we’ll wait), and click Manage My Gravatars. On the next screen, click on Add New Image. Now is when you have to remember where you saved that pic. Click My Computer’s Hard Drive and navigate to the pic and select it. then click Open. Now click Next. Now center the display on your pic and click Crop and Finish. Now choose a Rating for your pic (it’ll be G, right? πŸ˜‰ ). Now select the pic you just uploaded, and hit Confirm. You’re done! Your new pic will appear next to your name on your comments now.

    I know it’s a little involved, but such is the Internet these days…

  11. lysie says:

    Very, very good!!

  12. Bitwhacker says:

    DAY ONE: But I didn’t get the User Name I wanted!!! Waaaaah!!!

    First things first: ATRW is published on WordPress, just like a whole mess of other blogs. When you registered, you did so as a WordPress user, and you might not have gotten the User Name you really, really, asked-Santa-and -everything wanted.

    Not to worry — you can change your Display Name! How do you do that? Simple, just click on your Profile and change the Display Name field to whatever you want.

    The easiest way to change your Profile is to leave a Comment, then click on the picture that appears next to your name on the comment. You will see the Gravatar screen for YOU appear. Click on My Account, then Edit Profile, and then change the Display Name field to whatever you want your own bad self to be displayed under. Save it, and then go back to ATRW and refresh the page, and Voila! you got your old moniker back!

    For a picture of what the screen looks like, see Jemian’s excellent depiction, below.

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